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September 01, 2020 5 min read

We recently shared with you on our Instagram which flower you may resonate with the most based on your MBTI type. 

Whether you're looking for flowers for yourself, or someone else - flowers are special gifts with personalities of their own. So why not pick the perfect flower based on personality? 

Based on the Myers Briggs Personality Type assessment, our world is filled with people that fall into one of 16 major personality types. Read on to know more about each personality, or find the perfect flowers based on yours or someone's MBTI personality. 

ESFJ - Peony

ESFJs are compassionate, warm, and caring folk; these people are incredibly socially conscious and thrive when serving the people around them - contributing to their widespread popularity amongst their many social circles. ESFJs thus, perfectly embody the beautiful peony flower which represents compassion, friendship, and love. 

ESTP - Carnation

Some of the most daring people on the planet, ESTPs are action-oriented and full of spunk. These people enjoy going out of the box in all their pursuits, and love using the box as a stage to showcase their avant-garde greatness to the world. ESTJs thus, embody the unconventionally beautiful carnation flower that represents bravery and strength. 

ESFP - Lotus

Happy-go-lucky and people-oriented - ESFPs live in the moment and truly relish life and somehow have the power to make others around them feel just as light-hearted. ESFPs are also some of the most intuitive and empathetic people. These people are the lotuses of human beings - blooming beautifully through muddy waters, and spreading positivity and love, despite the murkiest of circumstances. 

ENTJ - Rose

Charismatic and confident - ENTJs are social leaders who know how to draw in a crowd. These people are known to be highly ambitious and sometimes, even intimidating because of their strong and confident body language. With their ambitions, also comes a strong taste for all things luxurious and aesthetic - which ENTJs know how to achieve. These people are the quintessential embodiment of the luxurious and classic rose flower. 

ENTP - Orchid
ENTPs are creatures of creativity and curiosity - some of the most interesting and insightful conversationalists you will encounter. ENTPs value knowledge and exploring all the possibilities of life - and especially thrive when they’re allowed to do so. Just like the exotic orchid flower, ENTPs embody perfection and artistic magnificence.

ISFJ - Lilac
Altruistic and reliable - ISFJs hold a certain strong maternal instinct to those around them. These humble, yet incredible people take it all their duties diligently, and yet never fully indulge in gloating. Albeit sensitive, these people are strong go-getters who know how to get things done with enviable calmness. Just like the lilac flower, ISFJs embody quiet confidence, tranquillity and communal love. 

ENFP - Gerbera

Some of the most vibrant and vivacious people you will ever meet, ENFPs leave a trail of rainbows and sunshine wherever they go. ENFPs revel in creative endeavours, and bring that same creative and friendly spark to all their relationships; making them one of the most sociable of the 16 types. These folk perfectly embody the vibrant gerbera flower - full of colour, kindness, and life. 


ISFP - Eustoma 

True artists at heart, ISFPs live in a world of dreaminess, colour, and inspiring world in their heads. Finding a muse in every glimpse of life, they have mastered the art of empathy, intuition and adoration for the world around them. The eustoma flower, symbolizing warmth, kindness, and tranquillity. 

INFP - Hydrangeas 

Idealistic and imaginative, INFPs see the best in everything and everyone around them. While they may not be the loudest in the room, their artistic expression and ideas speak the loudest for them. These marvellous minds find inspiration from all around them, especially from their emotional depths. INFPs thus, perfectly embody the heartfelt Hydrangea flower full of dreaminess and emotion. 

INTJ - Alstroemeria 

One of the most rare personalities, INTJs possess some of the most brilliant minds - infinitely analytical and curious of the makings of the world they reside in. Although they enjoy their time alone, when INTJs find people at the same wavelength as them - their loyalty is unwavering. The crisp alstroemeria flower symbolizing strength, ambition, and friendship is the quintessential flower for these genius folk. 

ISTJ - Baby’s Breath

Strong-willed folk with a rational mind, ISTJs are ardent erudites, dedicating themselves tirelessly to their responsibilities and even relationships. These folk are loyal, dependable, and unwavering in all their personal connections. The baby’s breath flower, representing purity, discipline and devotion is thus, the perfect flower for ISTJs. 

INFJ - Daisy

INFJs live their lives in the pursuit of changing the world - and they often do. These virtuous visionaries see the potential that the world holds, and dedicate themselves to making the world a better place. They hold a similar dedication to uplifting the people around them - and hold the power to inspire hope and strength. INFJs thus perfectly represent daisies - full of inspiration, new beginnings and virtue. 


ENFJ - Sunflower

ENFJs radiate passion, authenticity, and warmth; born leaders, these people inspire their pack and make every win a team win. Impeccable communicators with infectious enthusiasm and happiness - ENFJs energize those around them with a great deal of zeal. Just like the sunflower, ENFJs display strength, leadership, and irresistible charm. 

ISTP - Daffodil 

ISTPs dare to be different, and nothing gives them more joy than being seen as eccentric and unique. They enjoy challenges or hurdles and often treat them as fun games to be won. Adventurous ISTPs don’t like being pinned down - and would rather bloom everywhere that life puts them. The daffodil flower - symbolizing achievement, new beginnings and prosperity is the perfect bloom for ISTPs. 

INTP - Tulip

Inventive and enthusiastic - INTPs are creative geniuses and the perfect problem solvers. These people have an eye for the extraordinary and leap forward into everything with an open mind. There is nothing an INTP hates more than rigidity and rules, and are always on the lookout to break and reinvent them. The extraordinarily vibrant tulip flower full of vividity and prosperity is the perfect flower for INTPs. 

ESTJ - Lily 

ESTJs honour tradition and order - they lead by example and bring together people to form a sense of community and fellowship. ESTJs are the quintessential citizens, friends, family, and colleagues - they hold a strong sense of duty to the people in their surroundings and are incredibly dedicated to maintaining peace and order. The elegant lily flower - symbolizing strong motherhood, honour and royalty perfectly captures the essence of ESTJs.


Now that you know which flowers to pick based on someone's personality type, why not go ahead and give the gift of bloom with flowers from Flower Chimp - with free delivery and a range of gorgeous bouquets, arrangements, and fresh flowers!