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Klang Valley and its favorite flowers | Five facts

July 04, 2016 2 min read

The Klang Valley is a unique area - it combines vibrant cities like KL with the ever busy port city of Klang, epic monuments such as the Batu Caves, spectacular food influenced by all countries and last but not least a unique mix of people.

So what the Flower Chimps were wondering about, is how this wild mix is reflected in flowers! We had a look at which of our products are enjoyed most in the different parts of Klang, and found some interesting facts! 

Ladies and gentleman, this is Klang Valley in Flowers!

1. Romance is out?

Yes, the Klang Valley has many caring fathers, loving husbands, and great sons, but is is the Valley's women that deserve the credits when it comes to ordering flowers online and having them delivered to their loved ones. An unbelievable amount of orders comes from all the girls and ladies of Klang Valley - the true flower stars in the region!

2. KL-ites love daisies

And there are many reasons why! Daises are a favorite when it comes to sending happiness, so a bouquet of daises is always a great birthday delivery or as get well wishes sent straight to the hospital.

3. Tulips of Port Klang

People of Port Klang enjoy the benefits of international flower trade - or how come that so many tulips are sold in Klang? Arriving several times per week from the tulips fields of Netherland, we have the feeling that the people of Klang are craving every single shipment to get their hands on the freshest flower imports.

4. Petaling Jaya and the orchids

We always had the feeling that PJ people have a weakness for the fine things in life - such as orchids. Considering how many orchids flower deliveries are as destined to PJ, this feeling was confirmed. No matter if big orchid arrangement or small potted orchids, this long lasting flowers are clearly a favorite in Petaling Jaya.

5. The gentlemen of Klang Valley stick to roses

It may not come as a surprise, but when a men orders flowers for a loved one, it's very, very likely to be roses. While we are sure that roses will never be out of fashion, we are wondering when the men of the valley will become more daring, more creative? There are a hundred ways to make a beloved one happy, and roses are just one type of flowers to achieve that - why not venturing into a new type of flower?

So, will you join the tulip craze of Port Klang, or join the ranks of the rose cavaliers of Kuala Lumpur? No matter what you decision will be, we are happy to take over your flower delivery needs in Malaysia.