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September 12, 2016 4 min read

What do the colors of Roses actually mean?

If you sent flowers you are automatically transmitting a hidden message to the receiver, as every flower has an individual meaning. Red roses are by far the flowers most often sent, because for thousands of years they stand for the symbol of love and gratitude. The rose is the definite flower of love! That's true, but only partly because not every rose has the same meaning - the meaning of roses is differentiated by its color. 

Flowers can talk, they only do it in a different way. So if you want to gift a beautiful bouquet of roses and simultaneously prevent any misunderstanding, you should leave nothing to chance and check in advance about the meaning of each color. What do the different colors of Rosesmean?

Red Rose meaning

Red roses stand for love & romance and at the same time beauty and perfection. A bouquet of roses with 12 red stalks is the perfect way to show someone special feelings. Red roses are the symbol of a strong and long-lasting love. The red buds stand for love and passion.

The stem symbolizes the life journey of a couple. The numerous spines point out that life together is not always easy. But despite all obstacles the way of love should always prevail, because their happiness is paramount!

Red Roses Meaning

Red Roses are often given for Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary. Red roses are appropriate when you want to show someone your appreciation and unconditional love. Did you mess up with your girlfriend or had a heated argument? Giving red roses usually solves the problem.

White Rose meaning

White is the color of purity, innocence, humility and modesty. White roses stand for new beginnings or a restart. Therefore, white flowers are also very popular at weddings and for reconciliation. In addition to that, white roses state that you are inclined towards a special someone and have a lot of respect for that person. A bouquet of white roses is a very nice gift and a clear message, indicating that you think of this person.

White Rose Meaning

Yellow Rose meaning

Yellow roses are a symbol of wealth, power and strength. In the Victorian era yellow roses were in formerly a symbol of jealousy, but nowadays they are indicative of friendship. The color of the sun awakens a feeling of warmth and happiness. Yellow roses just bring you in a good mood. They are ideal to show good friends affection and to wish them luck and optimism to encourage them in their actions.

Yellow Rose Meaning

Pink Rose meaning

Pink is the color of femininity and represents elegance and sophistication. Pink roses are a clear expression of admiration to a woman. They symbolize gratitude and happiness and correspond roughly to the red roses meaning, but in a rather attenuated form. As such, they are very suitable for men who would like to give flowers, for example, to a woman on a first date. Pink roses always do the job.

Pink Rose Meaning

Orange Rose meaning

Orange roses have a very warm tone. They stand for enthusiasm and optimism and they carry a hidden message of passion inside. For example, they are suitable to send get well wishes to an ill relative or friend.

Peach Rose Meaning

Peachy Roses are an expression of appreciation, recognition and respect. They are used when one wants to express his sympathy to someone.

Lavender Rose meaning

This unusual color is a symbol of glamour, magic and fascination. These roses symbolize the often quoted "Love at first sight" and you should definitely have a good reason to give these roses.

Blue Rose Meaning

The blue rose is a flower that does not actually exist in nature. The Rose is a genetically modified organism, wherein the genes of red and orange pigments have been mixed together, creating a new rose variety named "Applause". Consequently, symbolize Blue Roses symbolize also the unattainable or the impossible.

Black Rose meaning

The so-called Black Rose is actually a deep red rose with a very negative meaning. The color black is well known for mourning, death and farewell. But much is a matter of interpretation. Some argue that black roses can also symbolize a fresh start or new beginning, but in general black flowers are regarded as very negative.

Check out this video for more information:

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