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The Perfect Anniversary Bouquet

Every anniversary is a milestone. The joy of being with your loved ones truly deserves to be celebrated. With every anniversary, you’d want a sweet and special gift to honour your times together. What better way to celebrate than with your partner’s favourite flowers? Different flowers represent different meanings in your relationship. 

Which flowers are best for your anniversary?

Lilies - White lilies symbolise purity and grace, which represent the devotion towards one another - perfect for couples whether they are in the early stages of their relationship or in a long term one. Meanwhile pink lilies symbolise romance, abundance and elegance, which is great to gift to your partner who loves the elegant look of a pink lily. 

Sunflowers - In love, sunflowers represent unconditional and unfaltering love between one another. The golden hues of sunflowers turn their head towards the sun every morning, which represents loyalty. They are perfect to send to your loved ones to express your adoration for them. 

Tulips - Tulips come in various gorgeous colours and are often referred to as the perfect love. They are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring time which often represents rebirth. Pink tulips symbolise happiness and confidence while orange tulips signal  an understanding and appreciation between people. Yellow tulips represent happiness just like its bright colour, it is a way to tell your loved ones that you are happy being with them.

Peony - Peonies are often used in celebrations and seen in wedding bouquets because they represent the beauty in marriage or love at first sight. Red peonies especially represent passion and prosperity, which is a great way to tell your partner you love them. 

Orchids - beautiful orchids undoubtedly represent charm, beauty and elegance. They also have a deeper meaning of love and friendship. They are the perfect gift to tell someone you cherish and adore. Pink orchids are most popular because they are a symbol of grace and gentleness, perfect for people who carry themselves with grace. 

Roses - It is no secret that roses are the very symbol of love as it signifies courage and beauty. Roses are popular when it comes to gifting your loved ones for a special occasion. Even a single stem of rose is powerful enough to show your devotion to a person, a whole bouquet is even greater. Red roses are usually a way to express your emotions and feelings in a romantic way. Even better, multi-coloured roses in a bouquet can express a combination of meaning to your loved one. 

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