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Pink Blush

from RM 129


RM 179 from RM 159

Cherry Posy

from RM 119

Sweet Jade

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Beautiful You

from RM 129


from RM 189

Lily Bouquet

RM 209 from RM 179

Teddy Love

from RM 149

Notting Hill

from RM 209

Love Medley

from RM 129


from RM 149

30 Red Roses and Ferrero

RM 319 from RM 259


from RM 199


from RM 159

Dazzling Red

from RM 99


from RM 179


from RM 149

Sweet Vibes

from RM 169


from RM 239

Lily Love

from RM 299

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It doesn't always have to be a special occasion to give a romantic flower gift to your loved one. After all, you can never go wrong with the all time favourite, a bouquet of red roses. Order online before 12PM for free same day delivery from our local florist shop.

We can be young and in love, or we might be older and wiser but still a romantic at heart. Whichever category you may be part of, we believe that romance is still alive in your relationship. Acts such as giving red roses as a gesture of love is an old tradition in plenty of cultures. The rose as it is common today used to be sacred to several goddesses. In Islam, it’s the beauty of the rose that triggers the song of the nightingale, which is a bird that is prominent not only in the poems of Hafez. Throughout the history, the rose has been employed as a sign or in emblems. Moreover, the rose is the national flower of England and has been first employed by the King of England to be the Tudor rose. Roses will always continue to be a significant statement of love. There is no better way to say I love you than with roses, be it on Valentine’s Day or any day to demonstrate appreciation as well as to give a thanks to someone special.

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