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The Rose, Queen of all Flower

Which other flower represents more passion and love than the red rose? We cannot tell you the answer. For ages, red roses have been classy and traditional, and we don't see any reason why the should ever go out of fashion. This flower excels at displaying passion and sheer beauty. No matter if its a Gentlemen bouquet of 12 roses, or our a colourful interpretation of the Gratitude bouquet, Flower Chimp Malaysia will have the red flowers available for same say delivery.

Malaysians love red roses, which is why we have build a wide assortment of rose arrangements, suitable for any occasion:

  • The Romance Bouquet, with a strong signaling function of lasting love and passion, packed with red roses and berries for the perfect romantic evening.

  • The Caliente Vase arrangement, a generous flower gift that brings floral beauty to its surroundings with its pink blooms.

  • The Gentleman bouquet, a minimalistic gift of 12 red roses, to display nothing but genuine affection in the past and in the present.

Rose Delivery from Flower Chimp

Roses are not only limited to demonstrating romantic feelings. They have several meanings, based on their colour, occasion and recipient. Some roses make a great birthday gift for a friend or on Mother's Day, while others a more suited for a wedding anniversary. Others again can be used as a gift for a baby shower or a business reception. Every Flower Chimp Bouquet and Arrangements uses exclusively fresh flowers. Make your flower gift more personal - by adding you customize card message on our cart page to create a gift that your loved one will never forget.

Order From The Flower Chimp

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words to tell someone that one is in love. A rose delivery is a great way to convey this message in a very romantic and timeless way. Express your true feelings - buy sending roses with Flower Chimp.


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