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Alor Setar was a first known as Alor Star from 2004–2008, and is currently a city and the state capital of Kedah, Malaysia. It also happens to be the second biggest town in the state after Sungai Petani and a standout amongst all urban communities; on the west shoreline of the Peninsular Malaysia. Alor Setar sits along the longest interstate, found 400 km from Kuala Lumpur and is home to the Central State Administration Center as well as the the regulatory focus of Kota Setar District.

Alor Setar is known for its unique location -which has also earned it the nickname of Tip of Malaysia, and happens to be a standout amongst urban areas and other towns in Malaysia since schools, legislature, and other private companies only work from Sunday to Thursday consistently. Alor Setar also maintains a Friday-Saturday end of the week, alongside states such as Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor.

The History of Alor Setar

Alor Setar is no stranger to being a hotspot for travellers from all over the globe -particularly for the reason that Alor Setar is a bouncing off point to Langkawi or southern Malaysia. Be that as it may, Alor Setar merits waiting sufficiently in order to appreciate its natural God-given treasures. Some of Alor Setar's noteworthy structures incorporate Masjid Zahir, a standout amongst the most delightful mosques in Malaysia; the transcendent Menara Alor Setar; and a stately clock tower close-by. Alor Setar is by and large an inviting spot for outside guests, however it's established in a traditionalist outlook that references genuinely strict mannerisms of Islam and adoration for the national government.

Some interesting places to visit around Alor Setar would include the Wat Nikrodharam; which happens to be the capital's greatest, most conspicuous, and most structurally amazing Buddhist sanctuary situated in downtown Alor Setar. This incorporates a Thai sanctuary design with plated rooftops and vivid mosaic dividers, making it a tranquil desert garden for Alor Setar’s occupants and takes into account the mostly Chinese and Thai Buddhists people of Alor Setar as well. Other than that is the Kota Kuala Kedah situated at the mouth of the Kedah River. This city in Alor Setar is otherwise called Kota Kuala Bahang. The word ‘kota’ itself implies fortress and this was really a post that was erected in Alor Setar in order to avoid Kedah's foes who originated from the ocean. It is said to have been formed by stone bricklayers particularly acquired from India. Today, it is an hustle and bustle town, known for the assortment of fish that is served by the various eateries that have since built their business at the old notable site in Alor Setar.

The Flowers of Alor Setar

Similarly as with about all parts of Malaysia, Alor Setar highlights a tropical and monsoon; in which Alor Setar is also known for having an exceptionally wet season. Areas around Alor Setar are usually familiar with this atmosphere, and precipitation is seen throughout the year. The wet and rainy season may be not suitable for that many outdoor activities -but they’re perfect for flowers all year round!

Waste no more time deciding on what gift to bring along next, just shop from Flower Chimp Alor Setar this instant. Our devoted team of professional florists and assemblers in this kedai bunga alor setar are all here to bring you the best of quality and affordable flower arrangements, flower hand bouquets and flower stands that can simply not be found anywhere else. Count on same day delivery throughout Alor Setar as well if you place an order before 12pm -because here at Flower Chimp Alor Setar’s florists online, we’re all about your satisfaction. Here’s a few suggestions about the best arrangements to get in our flower delivery kedah online stores:

  • Great Eastern Daisies - What’s not to love about white gerberas? They’re classy, pure and jovial at every turn. Surprise that special someone in Alor Setar with these sophisticated yet budget friendly bouquet today and watch them have the best week ever!
  • Lavinia - Few can replicate the lush elegance surrounding the Lavinia. Pink roses all tied up beautifully in a glass vase and littered with baby’s breath -there’s really everything to love about this gorgeous piece in Alor Setar.
  • Montreux Tulips - A piece to stand out from the rest, these tulips are flown directly from the fresh fields of Holland to your doorstep in Alor Setar. Red tulips are the everlasting symbol of love, so feel free to gift this to that very special person in your life.



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