The second most populated town of Johor, Muar is a region in southern Malaysia. Muar is at Muar is likewise known by it’s nickname, the infamous Bandar Maharani, which implies Empress Town. Muar was given the title of Royal Town of the territory of Johor by the Sultan on the fifth February, 2012 due to it’s regal implications. Muar's name is accepted to have begun and gotten from its geological area at the mouth or estuary of Muar River, the Malay words "Muara" which implies the opening of waterway. Muar is wealthy in history as specified in numerous chronicled records its history or archaeological development. It is trusted that the historical backdrop of Muar began considerably sooner than the Sultanate of Malacca which witness the ascent and fall of the domain.

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Muar roads are fascinating – not only are they clean and impeccable; they’re also distinguished by color. You can discover yellow, pink, green and blue roads which makes brilliant reference for guests. The most seasoned couple of structures in the town lines the boulevards, take pride in the fairly extraordinary pre-war Western craftsmanship and social impact. The age of these structures are generally created on the best board of the structures' outside and they turn into an artistic inspiration for both locals and travellers alike. In the wake of attempting the rare foods at Muar's "Pig Street" along Jalan Haji Abu, a little stroll along the town area is great to sample the Muar food industry. There are a share of paintings in Muar around the town focus, so it's anything but boring and dull.

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