The Rose is the undisputed queen among all flowers. Its botanical name is Rosa and it comes in many different varieties and colors. Regardless in which shape or form the flower is being sent, hardly anyone can resist her beauty. Flower Chimp offers rose delivery throughout Malaysia.

The origin of the wild rose is in China and its natural growth extends across the northern hemisphere from China via the Middle East to Europe. Today, there are about 30,000 different rose types. Spray roses are a rose variety and belong to the bedding and small shrub roses. They carry all the bunches of flowers, so many small flowers sitting on a stalk, rather than a single.

The first landscaped gardens with roses originated in China 5,000 years ago, but before we learned to appreciate them for their beauty and their fragrance, they mainly served as nourishment for humanity. Over time, the rose won its symbolic meaning as the flower of love and beauty. The symbolism is still valid today.

Rose Delivery

At the time of the Roman Empire, the roses were considered precious luxury. People used the flower for perfumery and for producing cures. In the Middle Ages, the rose was the symbol of Christianity and found its use as a medicinal plant or in the preparation of food. In the 16th and 17th centuries sailors brought the rose from the Far East to Europe and laid the foundations for the European rose cultivation.

If you want to send roses to your loved ones the choice of course is very large. We have compiled a number of beautiful bouquets that can be delivered throughout Malaysia.



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