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Flower Chimp provides a rich variety of flower bouquets for all the special occasions that we come across, ready for delivery – be it for an anniversary or birthday, get well wishes, a birthday,or romantic occasion. Malaysia is know for wonderful flowers, both because of local production but also because of imported types that blend beautifully with domestic flowers. 

Especially the Cameron highlands are home to various flower types. Located east of Ipoh in Pahang, the area is a leading grower of flowers in Malaysia. There are many types of flowers flower to be discovered that one won't see blooming elsewhere in the country. Flowers grown here include chrysanthemum, dahlia, geranium, roses, carnations, fuschia and gladioli. One can easily buy these flowers at the different flower nurseries or in the market.

Not everyone gets to go to Cameron highlands every time to buy flowers. This is why Flower Chimp provides free delivery to many cities across the Malaysia. Our flowers no only from Malaysia, but from across the world. From home grown Orchids to African roses and dutch tulips, there is something for every taste and occasion.

Country: Malaysia
Commonly grown flower types: Temperate flowers, Orchids and other lowland flowers
Popular flowers delivered: Gladiola, Lilies, Gerbera, Lilies, Orchids, Daisies and Red Roses