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A Peaceful Embrace Hamper

Klang Valley Only

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nur A.N.

How beautiful the packaging was!

Helene N.
Very bad experience! Never ordering from them again! Rating should be in negative not even 1 star!

Order item Eid-Mazing Feast Hamper but no longer available to give review on it! Very bad delivery and customer service (Yvonne and Aina). Requested for a change in delivery date and location due to MCO for EID! Yvonne accepted & replied to my changes but messed up the delivery. They blamed the delivery partner & not themselves. They delivered to the wrong location on the wrong date with the wrong item. I spoke to 3 different customer service rep! Dragging proof of receipt & made it look horrible overall! Again Yvonne sent the proof of order to someone else. I ordered an item for RM349 & they delivered the wrong item and to the wrong address! They did not check until I had to tell them & only then they are checking and informed that they will make the changes! Them, without any consideration made the recipient walk back & forth to the guardhouse then informing on wrong location that it was delivered to, then making the recipient walk to their house guardhouse again by telling that it was sent there! It's not solved yet! Then, another Customer Rep called Bulan emails me (as it was passed to her) and she uses Terms and Conditions & that "As per description of our term & conditions ( Product and Substitution Policy ) , All Products are subject to availability. In the order of any supply difficulties, we reserve the right to substitute a Product of equivalent value & quality without any prior notice. Rest assured that the item that we have substituted has equivalent value and quality with the unavailable item you have ordered" - seriously? I'm truly disappointed that FLOWER CHIMP used the terms & conditions to have the rights to choose and not contact us. Previously, even though other companies had this same T&C, they still took the effort to contact me & ask for my opinion on the changes. How does FLOWER CHIMP even call this customer satisfaction or friendly? It is totally not customer/consumer friendly to say such things. If YOU don't have an item, put sold out or something else besides making it available & using such T&C to make decisions by yourselves without confirming with us & refraining us from having what we desired for. And since they spoke about their GREAT T&C, it mentioned clearly that "Changes to your order: If you wish to make any changes your order, please do so by contacting us at info@flowerchimp.com or via phone 03-30992323 (Mon-Sun, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM). We will always do our best to make last-minute changes for you, but we can only guarantee changes (including to updating the delivery address and in relation to card messages) if changes are requested 24 hours before the intended delivery day." So, you all messed up even after accepting my changes? How is that following YOUR OWN T&C! SO, you pick & choose which T&C, you want to follow according to your convenience?? BULLSHIT WORK! This is utter bullshit and nonsensical. And on top of that, they expect me to go all HAPPY when they offer me their "coupon voucher ( APLG-15-1 ) for a 15% discount on your next order" ANYONE WHO WANTS TO ORDER FROM THIS USELESS PLACE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE IT! On 9/5/21, Bulan informs me that the vendor has re-stocked one of the missing item which they replaced with the sparkling juice. WOW suddenly? If only they checked & passed the information properly to the vendor at the first place, all these wouldn't have happen & I would need to have so many days of headache & nonsense to deal with. So, I had to mention again clearly on what I ordered, for whom, their address and the delivery date again to them and waited for them to acknowledge so that they don't mess it up again! Total waste of time! I'll never order from this place again because I feel they were unjust to me even though they tried to cover up their mistakes first then stabbing me with their nonsensical T&C which shows that they are totally not customer friendly and totally useless in management skills. Day of delivery, no update, emailed Bulan since she told me to liaise with her, thrice, no reply. Had to call them, ok I understand that they are busy as it's near to Eid, they pick up after 5 calls. Azura (another rep) tells me that she spoke to Haikey & they don't know the status & that they need to call & check. I mean really? You are the company that organises and you can't keep yourself updated of the work under your company? Seriously? I then call again to speak to a new person Edison who told me that he will check and get back. GUESS WHAT! Delivery was arranged after I spoke to them! OMG! And they gave me contact number as the main recipient! #GIVEUP #STRESSFUL! This is crap service! Delivery person updated me faster once delivered! How pathetic! What a way to hide your bad service! & that's how you get to be a website that has 4.5 or 4.8 rating! What a way to con people! You guys should really learn to improve genuinely then faking it! ARE YOU GOING TO DELETE MY REVIEW NOW? Your team need to go for management, organisation and coordination courses!


effective and items are good