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"When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie - That's amore!" - Dean Martin

This is the first bouquet of its kind - a collaboration between Flower Chimp and Tammy from Plusizekitten!

Amore is a rich combination of roses, white and pink lilies, baby breath, lovely carnations, and decadent white and pink lilies - and perhaps the most wonderful creation that we have in our entire assortment now. These charming layers from white, soft to crisp pink blossoms create a very special aura that one doesn't forget so quickly. And what you see isn't all yet - all these closed lilies are yet to bloom; about to take this bouquet to the next level!

Tammy, we thank you for the inspiration you give us to compose this bouquet!

RM 219
Add to wishlist Substitution policy: For assorted flower arrangements, the colors as per photo will be tried to use if at all possible, also if this means substituting with other flowers kinds or colours of similar or greater value. For hampers, we will always have the same number of products in the hamper, however small changes in colour may be made by using items of similar or higher value. For unique flower arrangements, we do make every attempt to match the flower type, but may substitute with another color. If the floral/hamper box or vase shown online is not available, a similar substitute will be used.

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