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About Tawau, Malaysia

Located on the southeast corner of East Malaysia and Sabah, Tawau is a town in that encompasses one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. It is the 3rd biggest town in Sabah after both Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan -so you can bet on there never being a dull moment! In 2010, the number of inhabitants in Tawau was evaluated at around 113,000 individuals in the town itself, and very nearly 400,000 individuals in the whole region. Because of Tawau's closeness to the fringes of the Indonesian region of North Kalimantan and the Sulu islands of the Philippines, it has turned into a noteworthy travel point for both traveler and became a tourist haven for those looking for a relaxing getaway. Tawau is additionally a noteworthy supporter of Sabah's extensive oil palm and cocoa estates, with the craft practiced throughout the region.

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As far as tourism, Tawau is itself a noteworthy traveler goal. In any case, it is a prominent travel point for vacationers set out toward the shorelines and coral reefs situated off the bank of the neighboring locale of Semporna. It is additionally the closest significant town to Maliau Basin, an immaculate tract of woods now and again touted as "The Lost World". Tawau itself likewise has a few unobtrusive vacation destinations for visitors who wind up in the territory. As the city is situated along the Celebes Sea, it is likewise known for its incredible fish eateries (particularly famous are the gigantic tiger prawns). Not only is Tawau is one of  the greatest makers of cocoa on the planet, it is also rich in oil and other mining products which supply the country’s revenue greatly. Beside that, a great part of the timber from the territory of Borneo is delivered out of Sabah through Tawau's port. Tawau is situated in the southeastern locale of Sabah, adjacent the eastern outskirt with Kalimantan, Indonesia (however you have to acquire a visa to cross the fringe over to Indonesia in advance).

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