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Kris Kringle

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Cool Blue

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Pink Delight

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Just For You

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12 Red Roses Korean Style

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Bloomy Days

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Chocolate Joy

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Purest Love

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Cherry Posy

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Basket of Joy

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Gerbera Galore

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Forest Green

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Lavish Lustre

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Beautiful You

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Lily Bouquet

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Elegant Twist

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Summer Shine

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Peace of Mind

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Winter White

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Notting Hill

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30 Red Roses and Ferrero

RM 319 from RM 259

50 Red Roses

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Penang Florist - Your partner for all occasions

Have you been planning to send flowers to someone special in Penang? We are experienced in delivering to all towns of the island state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, right by the Strait of Malacca through our top notch florist. Flower Delivery Penang is offered in both parts – Penang Island with the capital city,George Town, and of course Seberang Perai (it used to be called Province Wellesley in English) which is located on the Malay Peninsula. Penang doesn't only share a border with Kedah to the north and east, but also with Perak in the south. 

Sending flowers to Penang with the best Florist

Sending flowers to the very urbanized and industrialised city of Penang with our florist is easy by ordering from Flower Chimp. Our flower delivery service serves this very developed and economically significant state of Malaysia. Not only flowers are thriving in Penang, bit it is also blooming as a tourist destination. We also deliver flowers to George Town, that was initially founded by the British in 1786, and today being a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site. The state furthermore claims the third-highest HDI (Human Development Index) in Malaysia - perhaps because its people love flower delivery?It comes right after the state of Selangor and the Kuala Lumpur. Penang is a great place for flowers given its heterogeneous population that is very diverse in culture, language, ethnicity, and religion. This diversity brings up many different occasions to send flowers to. Especially Chinese New Year is a great day for flower delivery Penang but so is Valentine's day and Merdaka day, which is celebrated all across the nation. 

Penang Flower Shows

Did you know? Penang is also were the annual Penang Adenium Flower Show is taking place. In 2013, it was hosted from 30 November to 8 December at the Penang Botanic Gardens. Being the largest flower show and Flower Exhibition, the Penang Adenium a popular event with participation from adenium lovers from all over Malaysia.

penang flower delivery exhibition 2015

Just two years later, in 2015, Penang was hosting the Penang Floral Festival. As such, The Penang Floral Festival has drawn stunning tens of thousands of foreign and local and people to Botanic Gardens of Penang. In 2015, the festival was held on the 30th May to 7th June 2015. It has been very popular for showcasing various Penang flower species and landscaping designs from across Malaysia. Around 800 orchids from various species as well as hybrids of such had been on display. Another great attraction for the crowd was the famous Paphiopedilum rothschildianum orchid, that had the Best Plant competition earlier on. The festival closed with the remarkable words by Luther Burbank: "Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."

We take to inhale a lot of impressions from these events an incorporate them into our flower delivery Penang. By monitoring latest flower trends we have many floral ideas to pass on to Penang florists and flower shops in Penang. This allows us to constantly improve the level of our flower delivery service in Penang.

Flower Delivery to Penang and rest of Malaysia

In Penang, it is our clear goal to fulfill all needs of our customers every time, we do our best to give a little extra into every Florist Delivery in Penang to make it special. Therefore, we deliver flower bouquets and other gifts to your door the one of a loved one in no time  - our much appreciated same day delivery service is offered free of charge and during six days of the week, from Monday to Saturday. This allows us offer the blooms fresh while also being able to deliver and go beyond the needs of our customers whom we always aim to surprise with our quality and designs. Flower Chimp strives to the best, at any time, all the time. Whether we fulfill an delivery of daisies or roses or a flower arrangement of lush blooms. At Flower Chimp, florist delivery in Penang happens to locations all over the state. In case that you are trying to order flowers from our florist online and want a delivery of flowers on the same day to Georgetown or looking for a good florist in Butterworth any other town or city of Malaysia, Flower Chimp is your reliable choice.

penang flower delivery flowers

Have a question? Chat with us! If you have questions regarding your flower order to Penang, simply text us in the chat box. If the live chat is unavailable, try to call us under 03-62061141 (Penang and rest of Malaysia) and we look forward to answer your question.

Do you have relatives or friends in another town and want to send them a little thank you bouquet? We also serve the neighboring Kedah state. So if you want to send to Alor Setar, no problem. We ship our flowers Malaysia wide with no shipping costs.

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