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Order Tulips In Malaysia

Tulips are imported from Holland, so there are times when they are in short supply. When they do arrive, you will be able to order them online and have them delivered to your preferred location. We suggest going with a bouquet or vase arrangement. However, as an online florist, we can provide a vast assortment of blooms to accept orders from all over Klang Valley. We will, of course, include a sweet message for your beloved to show that someone is thinking of him or her! Send tulips as get-well wishes, to express a romantic feeling, or simply to wish someone a happy week ahead.


Tulips - The Perfect Gift Delivered for Friends and Loved Ones

Tulips often begin to emerge from the ground somewhere between the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Even if abnormally warm weather during the winter causes plants to develop too quickly, the risk is not as large as it might initially appear. Tulips are quite cold-tolerant. It is possible that growth will be slowed down if the freezing winter temperatures return. Snow is actually beneficial in this situation because it helps shield the vegetation from the intense cold that is occurring.

Many diverse meanings can be attributed to tulips, with each colour suggesting an entirely different thing. Tulips, in general, are seen as a symbol of love and the beginning of spring. True love is symbolised by red tulips; white tulips express "I'm sorry," and purple tulips symbolise royalty - making it the perfect gift for any occasion. 


Where To Find Tulips In Malaysia

You are in luck! Flower Chimp carries an extensive selection of gorgeous tulips in a variety of colours. Whether to celebrate a new baby, declare your love for someone, or simply express your admiration for someone who inspires you, a beautifully crafted bouquet of tulips is a lovely and eye-catching gift. Flowers like "Eleanor" and "Scarlette" are available in a wide variety of vase options that will make your beloved smile.