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Tulips Flower Bouquets

The tulip flower is commonly associated with the colourful fields of Holland. Tulips are beautiful flowers to put in bouquets and vases. We’ve compiled some of our favourites. Order tulips in Malaysia from the collection below.

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Tulips – The Classy Symbol of Love 

No flower is as classy as a Tulip. Its minimalist, bell-shaped flower stands tall from thick leaves at the base of each stalk. In the west, Tulips bloom in Spring and may be hard to find in the other months. Beauty is one thing, symbolism is another. Tulips have a special meaning, particularly as they are the symbol of perfect love. Their shades of colour also have major significance. Take for example a yellow tulip: It symbolises the rays of the sun, whereas a white flower stands for purity. If you plan to demonstrate affection, go for pink tulips. Red ones symbolise passion and orange friendship. It would be too boring to just go for one colour, which is why Flower Chimp has a whole array of tulip colours.

Order Tulips in Malaysia

As Tulips are imported from Holland, there are times when their supply is unavailable. However, when they do come in, you’ll get to order them online and have them delivered to your location of choice. We recommend going for a bouquet or vase arrangement. As an online florist however, we are able to provide a vase assortment of blooms to accept orders from all over Klang Valley. Rest assured, we’ll insert a sweet message for your recipient to show that someone is thinking of him or her! Feel free to send tulips as get well wishes or express a romantic feeling or just a happy week ahead.