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Discover the meaning of flowers

Starting with the origin of the name of a flower all the way to its unique characteristics and traits, rooted in mythology, flowers are the expression of symbolism and meaning. At Flower Chimp, we try to unravel for what all the hidden truths of flowers are, uncover and finally bring to you a completely different language – of blooms and flowers.

It is the Japanese who call it Hanakotoba, but it was King Charles II who migrated it to Sweden when he came back from his trabels from Persia back in the days of the 17th century. The word Hanakotoba is Japanese, associating certain flowers with a variety of meanings and symbols. Given the age of its roots, it can be considered an antique art form. Some refer to it as Floriography – a sophisticated word for the language of flowers. The term was coined back in the era of Queen Victoria, and despite that initial translations of it may have altered over time, the term that through the symbolism of flowers we can express what we truly strive to say still holds as true true as back in the days of Queen Victoria and King Charles.

We have to get an understanding of the character of different flowers and consequently choose one over another to make sure we address our mood or the event. This the reason for which we rather gift someone with a bunch of bright yellow sunflowers to cheer them up or show our affection to someone with a dozen of red roses.

Today, we have the comfort of having access to all kinds of flowers from all over the world - be it giant roses from Kenya, Tulips from Holland or Gerberas from Malaysia's Cameron Highlands - all of them are know available for delivery in Kuala Lumpur and across Malaysia.

Malaysians' Favorite Flowers


Gerbera Daisy

The gebera daisy is the symbol of sheer beauty and also of a generous, happy life. With history evolving, the gerberas have been symbol of a child's innocence, which was attributed to the white gerbera, just as much as gratefulness and happiness for the life that were given.



From all ornamental plants, the orchid is considered highly coveted; its delicate, and elegant appearance stand for luxury, beauty and strength, and love. In Antique times, the Greek have associated orchids also with virility.


Most know as the symbol itself showing love and passion, the ancient Romans and Greeks of the Antique also associated roses with the two goddesses of love, Venus and Aphrodite.



Once originated in Turkey and Persia, it was in the 16th century that tulips brought to Europe. This is also where they received their name common today, derived from "gauze" (which was used to wrap turbans). Today, red tulips are mostly thought of for true love, purple on the other hand symbolizes royalty. Yellow tulips once represented hopeless love but nowadays they represent an expression of cheerfulness, optimism and sunshine.