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Does your mind often go blank when thinking of gift ideas? If you answered Yes, don’t worry, you’re normal. Every one of us has a brain-fart moment when we’re suddenly required to purchase a gift for someone we love. What gift do I get her? What’s the most practical gift he will love? These are common questions that come to mind in an instant. Well, we at Flower Chimp have a solution for you! Our selection of gifts come straight from the heart. You’ve asked, we answered. Above are some of our best-selling flowers in Malaysia along with options to customise each gift.

When in Doubt, Go Floral

Yes! The answer to your constant pondering is FLOWERS. What gift do I get? FLOWERS! Remove the stereotypical thinking that flowers are for women or girls only. Even men can appreciate the beauty in blooms done right. We’re ready to bet on it! Choose any one of our flower gift-options available here in Malaysia and try sending it to a guy friend or to your husband. We guarantee he will be pleasantly surprised. In fact, most men have never received flowers in their life before – you’d be creating a new experience in their life with a bouquet of flowers. Throw in a little extra with chocolates, party poppers, Famous Amos Cookies, or even a cake for that added pizzazz.  

So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s a surprise, a birthday, a month-versary, or just because you feel like it, our flowers are the best gifts to delivery to your loved ones. Try them today.