• Valentine's Day 2017

    Posted on by Sarah Tan


    Valentine’s Day – a make it or break it occasion for many new couples, and for others, a yearly tradition filled with romance, friendship and materialistic gestures to show that special somebody how much you love them. Many in Malaysia spend the 14th of February running around trying to find last minute gifts, but of course, the ridiculous surge charges in floral ensembles, gifts and restaurant menu specials will send people running back home in dismay. At Flower Chimp, a click of the ‘confirm purchase’ button by 12 p.m. will enable you a same-day delivery service, with the delivery fee free of charge.

    Valentine's Day Flower


    It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day shopping can be a total nightmare. With bouquets costing a ridiculous fortune, the hallmark of a superstar floral shop is an eye for its customers. Flower Chimp understands that its customer base varies, and as such, the floral bouquets and gifting packages are especially designed by our team of florists and suppliers to accommodate our very versatile audience. And with a versatile audience, comes a price range that varies from high to an all-time affordable low.


    From the lovers in high school to the adults and the elderly, there is no such thing as a gift or bouquet from Flower Chimp that does not suit our customer’s needs. Teddy Love is especially designed for our clients that would prefer to invest in affordable gifts. By combining the teddy bear with the small bouquet, quality was tailored to outweigh quantity. If our gorgeous Flower Chimp mascot and teddy bear addition does not make your partner smile, perhaps it is time to reevaluate the relationship.


    For our clients seeking more high-end gifts and bouquets, our beautiful Midnight Edition bouquet that consists of 99 roses might just do the trick. There’s no better way to convey your appreciation and love to the lucky receiver than throwing this stunning baby into your ‘add to cart’ online trolley. Our flowers are picked on the day of its delivery, meaning that all of our products are perfectly in place and fresh for its recipient. This bouquet has proven to be a real lover pleaser, particularly with its stunning red ribbon and decorative paper to seal the deal.



    If the colour red is too mainstream for you, our selection of pink roses and additional varied flower types can be beautifully arranged to your convenience. Our ‘Moonlight Valentine’s Day’ bouquet consists of 9 elegant roses, gorgeously wrapped with external leaves and a fantastic price to make it all the more appealing. In many cultures, the notion of the pink rose holds a meaning that conveys sentiments of appreciation and grace. The perfect gifting option for close friends or family members. Who says Valentine’s Day is restricted to couples only?


    From Carnations to Daisies and Roses to Lilies, there are no dramatic limits to our Valentine’s Day Collection. In addition, scrumptious endorphin provoking add-ons such as the world renowned Fererro Rocher chocolates and accompanying teddy bears are available both at very reasonable prices. Spend your Valentine’s Day right, and there’s no better way to spend it than with Flower Chimp.

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  • Valentine's Day Flowers

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    Sending Flowers this Valentine’s!

    February 14th has been a significant date is recognized all over the world as the celebration of love. This date being known as Valentine’s day also called Saint Valentine’s Day honoring one or more of the early saints named Valentinus. The day become a date on which people from around the world show appreciation to our other half through gift’s and of course Flowers!

    Flowers are great for any occasion, but even more so on Valentine’s day, the day that we show our love and gratitude to our loved one’s whether it’s that crush you’ve always had, your loyal caring partner, or even your own Mother!

    There is no reason for you to not make that person’s day this Valentine’s by presenting them with flowers.


    We at Flower Chimp recognize the importance and significance of Valentine’s Day, and have carefully and methodically come up with a wide range of flowers that suit Valentine’s Day perfectly! Our selection will certainly bring a smile upon the lucky person that receives any of our Valentine’s Day collection flowers!


    We here at Flower Chimp, ensure that we only provide the freshest flowers of the highest quality sourced from all over the world.

    Leave it to us here at Flower Chimp to send the flowers you have selected for your loved one to be sent straight to their door step! Just select from a wide range of flowers we have on offer and we will do the rest!

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  • The Meaning of Roses

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    What do the colors of Roses actually mean?

    If you sent flowers you are automatically transmitting a hidden message to the receiver, as every flower has an individual meaning. Red roses are by far the flowers most often sent, because for thousands of years they stand for the symbol of love and gratitude. The rose is the definite flower of love! That's true, but only partly because not every rose has the same meaning - the meaning of roses is differentiated by its color. 

    Flowers can talk, they only do it in a different way. So if you want to gift a beautiful bouquet of roses and simultaneously prevent any misunderstanding, you should leave nothing to chance and check in advance about the meaning of each color. What do the different colors of Roses mean?

    Red Rose meaning

    Red roses stand for love & romance and at the same time beauty and perfection. A bouquet of roses with 12 red stalks is the perfect way to show someone special feelings. Red roses are the symbol of a strong and long-lasting love. The red buds stand for love and passion.

    The stem symbolizes the life journey of a couple. The numerous spines point out that life together is not always easy. But despite all obstacles the way of love should always prevail, because their happiness is paramount!

    Red Roses Meaning

    Red Roses are often given for Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary. Red roses are appropriate when you want to show someone your appreciation and unconditional love. Did you mess up with your girlfriend or had a heated argument? Giving red roses usually solves the problem.

    White Rose meaning

    White is the color of purity, innocence, humility and modesty. White roses stand for new beginnings or a restart. Therefore, white flowers are also very popular at weddings and for reconciliation. In addition to that, white roses state that you are inclined towards a special someone and have a lot of respect for that person. A bouquet of white roses is a very nice gift and a clear message, indicating that you think of this person.

    White Rose Meaning

    Yellow Rose meaning

    Yellow roses are a symbol of wealth, power and strength. In the Victorian era yellow roses were in formerly a symbol of jealousy, but nowadays they are indicative of friendship. The color of the sun awakens a feeling of warmth and happiness. Yellow roses just bring you in a good mood. They are ideal to show good friends affection and to wish them luck and optimism to encourage them in their actions.

    Yellow Rose Meaning

    Pink Rose meaning

    Pink is the color of femininity and represents elegance and sophistication. Pink roses are a clear expression of admiration to a woman. They symbolize gratitude and happiness and correspond roughly to the red roses meaning, but in a rather attenuated form. As such, they are very suitable for men who would like to give flowers, for example, to a woman on a first date. Pink roses always do the job.

    Pink Rose Meaning

    Orange Rose meaning

    Orange roses have a very warm tone. They stand for enthusiasm and optimism and they carry a hidden message of passion inside. For example, they are suitable to send get well wishes to an ill relative or friend.

    Peach Rose Meaning

    Peachy Roses are an expression of appreciation, recognition and respect. They are used when one wants to express his sympathy to someone.

    Lavender Rose meaning

    This unusual color is a symbol of glamour, magic and fascination. These roses symbolize the often quoted "Love at first sight" and you should definitely have a good reason to give these roses.

    Blue Rose Meaning

    The blue rose is a flower that does not actually exist in nature. The Rose is a genetically modified organism, wherein the genes of red and orange pigments have been mixed together, creating a new rose variety named "Applause". Consequently, symbolize Blue Roses symbolize also the unattainable or the impossible.

    Black Rose meaning

    The so-called Black Rose is actually a deep red rose with a very negative meaning. The color black is well known for mourning, death and farewell. But much is a matter of interpretation. Some argue that black roses can also symbolize a fresh start or new beginning, but in general black flowers are regarded as very negative.

    Check out this video for more information:

    Rose Delivery with Flower Chimp

    Now that you have learned all about the different signs and meanings of roses, you can order a fresh bouquet suitable for your specific occasion with us. Our quick and easy process will enable you to send Flowers in a few minutes. Our dedicated florist put great effort in making sure your order gets delivered at the right time and place. We have wide variety of different, fresh bouquets available. If you need to send roses urgent, please place your order before 12:00 and they will be delivered on the same day.

    We delivery to all cities (such as Kuala Lumpur, PJ & JB) and states in Malaysia. You can even customize your order with a personal card message. Should you have any special request please do not hesitate to give us a call anytime at: 03-62061141

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  • Selamat Hari Merdeka! National Day is coming up

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    Hari Merdeka is coming up! The day when the Federation of Malaya's independence from the British Empire was officially declared at the Merdeka Stadium; witnessed by thousands of people including Malay Rulers, members of the federal government, and foreign dignitaries. To make this very special day last over years and decades, Hari Merdeka was declared a national holiday in Malaysia - and it is just around the corner, taking place on August 31.

    merdeka day flower delivery

    The flower gift delivery for every special day

    Special days call for special gestures. Just Malaysia celebrates it's very special day every year, there are moments in everyones life that are recurring in nature. This can be a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or another special memory that is remembered year on year. At Flower Chimp, we strive every day to make this big moments of the year even bigger - by offering a vast arrangements of flowers and gifts that allow our customers to highlight the importance of the day make making a special gesture of sending a gift to a beloved one.

    Giving back to the community: Flower Chimp & Project Merdeka

    We are trying to give something back on Merdeka day to all of our customers by being part of Project Merdeka. This project is an initiative of Malaysian internet companies to showcase their products and services and to offer great deals to the visitors of Project Merdeka. For this occasion, we have partnered up with the price comparison site iPrice, which provides great voucher codes that you can apply to your Flower Chimp order.

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  • Klang Valley and its favorite flowers

    Posted on by Halothemes Support

    The Klang Valley is a unique area - it combines vibrant cities like KL with the ever busy port city of Klang, epic monuments such as the Batu Caves, spectacular food influenced by all countries and last but not least a unique mix of people.

    So what the Flower Chimps were wondering about, is how this wild mix is reflected in flowers! We had a look at which of our products are enjoyed most in the different parts of Klang, and found some interesting facts! 

    Ladies and gentleman, this is Klang Valley in Flowers!

    1. Romance is out?

    Yes, the Klang Valley has many caring fathers, loving husbands, and great sons, but is is the Valley's women that deserve the credits when it comes to ordering flowers online and having them delivered to their loved ones. An unbelievable amount of orders comes from all the girls and ladies of Klang Valley - the true flower stars in the region!

    2. KL-ites love daisies

    And there are many reasons why! Daises are a favorite when it comes to sending happiness, so a bouquet of daises is always a great birthday delivery or as get well wishes sent straight to the hospital.

    3. Tulips of Port Klang

    People of Port Klang enjoy the benefits of international flower trade - or how come that so many tulips are sold in Klang? Arriving several times per week from the tulips fields of Netherland, we have the feeling that the people of Klang are craving every single shipment to get their hands on the freshest flower imports.

    4. Petaling Jaya and the orchids

    We always had the feeling that PJ people have a weakness for the fine things in life - such as orchids. Considering how many orchids flower deliveries are as destined to PJ, this feeling was confirmed. No matter if big orchid arrangement or small potted orchids, this long lasting flowers are clearly a favorite in Petaling Jaya.

    5. The gentlemen of Klang Valley stick to roses

    It may not come as a surprise, but when a men orders flowers for a loved one, it's very, very likely to be roses. While we are sure that roses will never be out of fashion, we are wondering when the men of the valley will become more daring, more creative? There are a hundred ways to make a beloved one happy, and roses are just one type of flowers to achieve that - why not venturing into a new type of flower?

    So, will you join the tulip craze of Port Klang, or join the ranks of the rose cavaliers of Kuala Lumpur? No matter what you decision will be, we are happy to take over your flower delivery needs in Malaysia.


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