• Looking For A Birthday Gift? Here's Are Your Best Bets!

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    Perhaps one of the many gifts that will continue to remain a classic throughout time; flowers and arrangements are an underrated beauty. When it comes to birthday gifting especially -it can be difficult figuring out which types of arrangements to snag. So why not widen your horizons just a little bit? Flower Chimp is a premium, fresh flower delivery service that allows you to do just that -and delivers to your doorstep an experience that goes beyond just blooms. If you’re on the hunt for unique arrangements; you’ve definitely come to the right place! Here are some gift ideas that are definitely deserving for your loved one’s special occasion;

  • 1. Birthday Bundles

  • Birthday bundles are a great way of fulfilling all aspects of a birthday celebration. How are these arrangements from Flower Chimp curated? Just take your pick of a fresh flower bouquet; and we’ll provide a curated whole cake, decadent chocolate sets, macaroons or birthday balloons that goes hand in hand with each set! Birthday bundles are definitely great with a surprise delivery too; and will definitely leave for a long lasting impression.

    Shop Birthday Bundles: https://www.flowerchimp.com/collections/bundle-deals-birthday-flower-delivery


    2. Trinity Box Collection

    When it comes to birthday gifts, it is understandable that you would want a flower delivery service that offers up grandeur and exclusivity in all forms. Box collections offer up a different perspective to flower delivery service gifting; and is guaranteed to stand out from the masses. Flower boxes such as the Trinity collection delivers on the promise of luxury and expertly curated quality throughout. Each collection comes with 9 fresh roses, delectable Ferrero Rocher chocolates and can be used as an exquisite storage box after the flowers at the end of the day.

    Shop Trinity Collection: https://www.flowerchimp.com/collections/trinity-collection

    3. Chocolate Bouquets

    Can’t choose between chocolates and flowers? Maybe it’s time for both! Chocolate bouquets combine the best of both worlds and serve up a tantalizing experience unlike no other. These chocolate bouquets are not only served with delectable treats for the sweet-tooth; it’s gorgeously crafted by local Malaysian florists and always Instagram ready. If you’re considering chocolate bouquets for a birthday, Flower Chimp Malaysia offers up arrangements like Sweet Admiration and Chocolate Romeo too.

    Shop Chocolate Bouquets: https://www.flowerchimp.com/collections/chocolate-bouquets 

    4. Baby Gift Hampers

    It’s time to celebrate the joyous occasion of new life! If someone you know is welcoming a newborn baby into the family; baby gift boxes are a great option for a birthday gift. These boxes are filled to the brim with youthful vibrancy and quality assured items; including soft toys, mittens, pillows, onesies and much more. It’s the ideal present especially for new parents -and you can bet on them appreciating such a sweet gesture.

    Shop Baby Boxes: https://www.flowerchimp.com/collections/in-c-studio-gift-boxes 

    5. Giant Bouquets

    Are you in the mood for extravagance? Nothing screams grandeur much like a giant flower bouquet straight to the doorstep of your loved one! Surprise that special someone with one a massive flower arrangement of roses, daisies and many more other flower categories from Flower Chimp’s selection. Take your pick from their wide range of bouquets; all freshly handpicked and assembled by our team of local Malaysian florists. You can never go wrong with giant bouquets, and though they might be large -Flower Chimp always ensures that they are affordable

    Shop Giant Bouquets: https://www.flowerchimp.com/collections/giant-bouquets-flower-delivery-of-giant-florist-flowers

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  • What are the Best Flowers to Give on Any Occasion

    Posted on by Sarah Tan


    Whether it’s for Anniversaries, Birthdays, or just a random act of kindness to say thank you, fresh flowers are still the best gift to give on any day to express your love. Once again, fresh flower arrangements in Malaysia continue to reign supreme among other forms of gifts for their sheer elegance and dedication to tradition –but which flowers are the best alternatives to opt for to really make an impression? As a flower delivery service in Malaysia, our Malaysian florists here at Flower Chimp have compiled a list of some of the bestsellers you can possibly get on any occasion, take a look!

    1. Carnations 


    Ah, the marriage of modernity and femininity. Carnations are the perfect thread of balance between fresh individualism and timeless beauty; making it one of the hot-sellers on the romantic bouquet arrangements list. Carnations carry the symbol of wonder and fascination, which also allows it to be a simple yet graceful token of a new relationship!


    Who to get this for; A partner who inspires you, keeps you moving towards new things and goals in your life.




    2. Lilies


    It might have been for it’s somber and delicate appearance, but lilies have over time gained its reputation for being a ‘funeral flower’ –as it’s been used at many occasions involving funerals and wakes. However, Malaysian florists don’t necessarily agree with that

    idea; and it’s actually been a famous pick when it comes to fresh flower arrangements delivered by Flower Chimp! Lilies bring a more deeper meaning to them, often symbolizing purity and starting anew –so get very own order of a fresh flower bouquet if this sounds like something that would relate to your relationship.


    Who to get this for; A sophisticated soul, that is sometimes hard to read –but is filled with light and love to give.


    3. Roses

    It goes without saying that roses definitely deserve a spot on this list. Research shows that the purchase of roses fresh flower arrangements experience a spike of orders approximately 51% during Valentine’s Day –and it’s no wonder why! Roses have been one of the most traditional forms of flower gifting, and are the prevalent symbols of romance, intimacy and everlasting love. Want to opt for roses but dread being ordinary? Switch it up from the conventional red roses and go for white, yellow or pink roses to deliver on any Romantic Occasion - a bouquet that is bound to make an impression.


    Who to get this for; Roses is a strong symbol of commitment and stability –get this for someone who you can see yourself building a future together!


    4. Gerbera Daisies


    Gerbera daisies might not be as popular a flower as the rest on this list –but they hold a charm that you simply cannot find anywhere else. As such, Flower Chimp’s fresh gerberas bear a sight to behold with their bright and funky colors! Gerberas symbolize cheer, prosperity and all the longings of a happy life, so it makes sense to gift it as fresh flower arrangements on for any day. 


    Who to get this for; Someone who makes you laugh, and whose happiness is shared between a mutually sustaining relationship.

    In any occasion, gifting flowers is the safest bet and the best way to make someone feel special; so order your fresh flower bouquet from Flower Chimp for your next celebration or just to make someone smile. Feel free to make your gift extra special with goodies such as a cute teddy bear, chocolates, fruit baskets and many more extra tokens to really blow the woman/man of your dreams away. Flower Chimp’s flower delivery service in Malaysia even provides a same day delivery option for orders placed before 1pm, which is perfect if you have a last minute romantic rendezvous planned out.

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  • 4 Reasons Why Gifting Flowers on Valentine’s Day Will Never Run Out of Style

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    There’s really nothing much like experiencing the scents, colors and freshness that comes with flowers. Gifting a flower especially, is a token unlike any other. They’re delicate, significant and versatile –able to the perfect fit for someone you hold very close. Whether or not you indeed have a special someone in mind, or simply an event coming up; here’s why flowers will remain relevant and in style for a long time to come!

    1. It's beautifully intimate

    Gifting flowers doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits all option; regardless of whether or not you’re gifting it to a girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend as a sweet gesture –there are many ways you can tailor your bouquet to make it a special one. With help from Flower Chimp, our flower delivery service would be more than happy to make your fresh bouquet extra special with delectable chocolates, teddy bears and other added goodies that for sure will make it an unforgettable gift.

    When it comes around to an intimate occasion such as Valentine’s Day especially; there’s nothing like stumbling upon that gorgeous bouquet you know will find its place in the heart of your special someone. Opt for something like tulips if you’d want something whimsical, roses for a traditional flair or gerberas for a dash of fun and light-heartedness. The options from Flower Chimp’s selection of different flowers from Malaysian florists around the country are endless –so make your purchase count!

    2. A burst of energy 

    Even after the initial joy of receiving a fresh bouquet settles; flowers continue to be useful for everything else. Placing your gorgeous arrangement in a space like a living room, kitchen or bedroom will be sure to spice up your home –it’s simply for their attractive energy. Flowers -especially bright and bold ones- are guaranteed to lift spirits around the house, and anyone that receive them would surely be able to appreciate your gift. After all, they do pass by it every day!

    3. Budget friendly without looking cheap


    At Flower Chimp, our fresh flower arrangements come under affordable ranges in terms of price; so you’ll never have to worry about breaking the bank for a fabulous gift. Flowers from our flower delivery service Malaysia convey the message of luxury and elite gifting –without the extravagant price tag! When it comes to Valentine’s Day as well, Flower Chimp has even curated a special collection of romantic bouquet arrangements fit for a king and queen that is both affordable and personally handpicked from our very best Malaysian florists.

    4. Quick and convenient

    Perhaps the one of the best parts about all of the above is just how efficient it is to buy fresh flower arrangements! Flower Chimp’s flower delivery service Malaysia prides itself on getting your order to you in the fastest time possible, even offering same day delivery service for purchases made before 1pm. It is the perfect alternative if you’re rushing to get it by your date –and of course the perfect gift to whip out at the start of an event to look and feel classy.


    As a gesture for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, there is simply no going wrong with flowers. It goes back to tradition, old-timey elegance and a grace that’s missing from many other gifts these days. Invest in a fresh flower bouquet from Flower Chimp’s Malaysian florists today and stand out from the masses during this special day –it will surely be a memorable one!

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  • 4 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    You know the moment. The exact point in your life when the butterflies in your stomach refuse to go away, you start thinking of every possible excuse to see them, time seems to freeze in place when you’re together – basically every sappy metaphor that until now, only seemed to resonate in Hollywood chick flicks.

    Can it be true? Have you really found that forever person? And even if you have –how in the world could you possibly tell? Granted every relationship is unique in its own beautiful, wild and inspiring roller coaster of a ride; here’s 4 clear cut ways to know if what you have is worth the journey: 


    •      Your love goes beyond romance – In fact, it presents itself through strong ties of friendship. Your life partner shouldn’t just be your devoted husband or wife, they should also in a way be your best friend. Many people tend to start a relationship on the foundations of infatuation, lust or initial passion –only to have it fizzle out in a couple of months because nothing solid was ever cemented between both parties. How should you tell the difference? For starters, you’ll most likely feel comfortable doing things you’d never even speak off with other people. Washing all your makeup off and prancing around in old t-shirts, singing at the top of your lungs with the windows down in your car, ugly crying in front of them when you’ve had a bad week –all things you thought you could only do with your BFF’s!


    •      Living in the moment becomes just as important as preparing for the future – It goes without saying that a happy couple is one that shares a mutual love for the same activities, lifestyles and interests; but your soulmate should also be one who shares similar prospects for the long run. The man or woman of your dreams wants nothing more than for time to stop still and cherish each second with you as you both grow, but he or she should also be intently aware of what you are growing towards. This doesn’t have to mean that marriage is a necessary end goal if you both agree on it, but chances are you would’ve found your soulmate in the person that always sits you down and explains the ways they’d want to see you in their future; as well as executes it of course. No one likes empty talk!


    •      Your relationship becomes bigger than your ego – In an argument, it’s hard to keep track of all the hurtful words exchanged and nasty verbal bites when tempers flare up beyond control. However heated your arguments may be, you’ve definitely found a person worth keeping around if he or she has the tremendous ability to admit that they are wrong when needed to. Ego and pride both play a major role in the downfall of plenty of relationships –but your soulmate will be the one to put their own away if it means bridging the gap and fighting for your relationship.  


    •      The excitement never stops! – The one that will follow you to the ends of the Earth will also be the one intent on making the journey an unforgettably fun experience. Granted that every relationship would become somewhat of a routine after a couple of years, who’s to say that said routine cannot be spruced up every once in a while? Your relationship with a soulmate would be one that has never turned boring or repetitive since the both of you will be too focused on new ways to surprise each other –just so you can see the look on each other’s faces when it gets there. Naturally, romantic tokens such as flowers and chocolates are foolproof; so why not invest in one that’s simply extraordinary?


    The Trinity collection from Flower Chimp, for example, comes ready with fresh roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates –all wrapped up in a gorgeous box of Black or Tiffany blue, the perfect gift to bring along if you’re really aiming for that ‘wow’ factor. Once the roses wilt and die, the box can also be used as a storage unit for makeup or jewelry! Just like the connection with you and your soulmate, the Tiffany serves as something eternal and beautiful, simply refusing to be forgotten.

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  • What Type of Friend You Are - According To Your Favourite Flower!

    Posted on by Sarah Tan

    We all have certain flowers that peak our fancy -but did you know that our fave blooms of all time can also say a lot about the type of friend we are? In regards to World Friendship Day, here’s a summary of the type of BFF you really are according to your favourite flower!


    Carnations - The Selfless Friend

    The carnations stand for love, pride and admiration. The best thing about you remains to be the fact that you will always be open without a doubt the most humble one in the group! You make sure that your friends have their feet on the ground and always are pushing them for activities to give back to charity and those that require volunteering. Even though you do have your moods, you always understand where other people are coming from and don’t participate in judging others! Carnation BFF’s are not only known for their selflessness, their listening skills are unparalleled -these type of friends are honestly the best to have around when getting over a bad breakup, losing a job or any dark day that just requires a shoulder to cry on.


    Daisies - The Guardian Angel

    The history of the daisy actually stems from the word “day’s eye”. It’s Greek origins describe the daisy with optimism, cheer and positivity. There’s simply no denying it, you’re the optimist in every situation. Trying your best to find the silver lining of the cloud, your friends know that they can count on you to always turn a depressing atmosphere into a one that is to be celebrated and taken in stride. Daisy friends are also the kind of people you’d want to surround yourself with, they’re simply positive and just know the right things to regardless of the situations. If you’re favourite flower is daisy, you’d also be known for your unwavering loyalty and ability to always stand up for your friends to those who have wronged them. Your fierce protective nature is undeniable, and you’re always the group’s sole protector.


    Lilies - The Strong, Silent One

    Generally speaking, lilacs symbolize the innocence of youth and the joy of what it’s like to be young and free. You’re the type of friend takes into account the small things, and appreciate the finer detail in the life you lead. You’ve automatically become the person that reminds your friends to stop and smell the roses and to not take everything in life so seriously! You’re all about taking a stroll down memory lane, always wanting to hit up arcades, bowling alleys and remaining a creature of habit. Although lilac people tend to be a little bit more quiet, your friends do appreciate a little more sensibility and calmness in the hustle and bustle of their lives.


    Roses - The Love Guru

    Timeless, classic and ultimately iconic. In a group, your friends will almost always think of you as the one to come to on all matters and troubles of the heart. Whether or not it’s romantic, troubles with family and friends -you often find yourself being the centre of all your friends emotional experiences and always urge them to find balance in their lives. Your friendship comes from a heart of gold and you’re almost always in tune with your sensitive and soft side!

    Tulips - The Outgoing One

    Like roses, tulips also have different symbols based on their colours. In a nutshell, tulips are made to resemble fame or harmony! If your friends were to use one word to describe you -it’d certainly be something along the lines of versatile. You’re adaptable to each situation and person, which makes you a natural social butterfly and mood brightener all around! Even with this, you’re always coordinated and proper; making sure that you’ve got time to entertain everyone in the room.

    Don't forget to tell your friends how much they mean to you this Friendship Day. Send a bouquet from only RM99 including FREE DELIVERY! Shop here.

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