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October 13, 2022 2 min read

Valentine’s Day – a make it or break it occasion for many new couples, and for others, a yearly tradition filled with romance, friendship and materialistic gestures to show that special somebody how much you love them. Many in Malaysia spend the 14th of February running around trying to find last minute gifts, but of course, the ridiculous surge charges in floral ensembles, gifts and restaurant menu specials will send people running back home in dismay. At Flower Chimp, a click of the ‘confirm purchase’ button by 12 p.m. will enable you a same-day delivery service, with the delivery fee free of charge.

It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day shopping can be a total nightmare. With bouquets costing a ridiculous fortune, the hallmark of a superstar floral shop is an eye for its customers. Flower Chimp understands that its customer base varies, and as such, the floral bouquets and gifting packages are especially designed by our team of florists and suppliers to accommodate our very versatile audience. And with a versatile audience, comes a price range that varies from high to an all-time affordable low.

valentine's day gifts and flowers


From the lovers in high school to the adults and the elderly, there is no such thing as a gift or bouquet from Flower Chimp that does not suit our customer’s needs. The Luxury Bundle is especially designed for our clients that would prefer to invest in affordable gifts. By combining the teddy bear with a preserved flower, quality was tailored to outweigh quantity. If our gorgeous Flower Chimp mascot and teddy bear addition does not make your partner smile, perhaps it is time to reevaluate the relationship.

For our clients seeking more high-end gifts and bouquets, our beautiful Midnight Edition bouquet that consists of 99 roses might just do the trick. There’s no better way to convey your appreciation and love to the lucky receiver than throwing this stunning baby into your ‘add to cart’ online trolley. Our flowers are picked on the day of its delivery, meaning that all of our products are perfectly in place and fresh for its recipient. This bouquet has proven to be a real lover pleaser, particularly with its stunning red ribbon and decorative paper to seal the deal.

If the colour red is too mainstream for you, our selection of pink roses and additional varied flower types can be beautifully arranged to your convenience. Our Fairytale Forever bouquet consists of pink and white elegant roses, gorgeously wrapped with external leaves and a fantastic price to make it all the more appealing. In many cultures, the notion of the pink rose holds a meaning that conveys sentiments of appreciation and grace. The perfect gifting option for close friends or family members. Who says Valentine’s Day is restricted to couples only?

From Carnations to Daisies and Roses to Lilies, there are no dramatic limits to our Valentine’s Day Collection. In addition, scrumptious endorphin provoking add-ons such as the world renowned Fererro Rocher chocolates and accompanying teddy bears are available both at very reasonable prices. Spend your Valentine’s Day right, and there’s no better way to spend it than with Flower Chimp.