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The name Segamat is gotten from the articulation ' most prompt ' or ' new'. These articulations were conceived from the mouth of Bendahara Tepok amid his upstream of the Muar River after the Portuguese vanquished Melaka. Bendahara Tepok who endured a loss trekked upwards to Lubuk Batu. After achieving Lubuk Batu, he shouted, how rapidly his escort had achieved a protected place, far from the risk of the Portuguese. Since on that day, the climate was very hot, Bendaraha Tepok had a shower there. Bendahara Tepok had said after the shower, "how new this body feels " these words by Bendahara Tepok turned into a typical expression among his devotees and thusly, the settlements where they lived was named Segamat.

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Deliberately arranged between Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Segamat is a quickly developing rural oil palm and elastic area, acclaimed for its delightful durians, henceforth its ongoing trademark to draw in sightseers with their trademark “Selamat Datang ke Segamat - Tanah Raja Buah-buahan” (Malay: Welcome to Segamat - The Land of the King of Fruits). The eponymous town is a commonplace medium size town with a mix of old and new societies. A simple 45 minute drive from town offers an assortment of climbing and swimming locales to be specific the well known Gunung Ledang, Air Panas Waterfall and Bekok Waterfall which make a pleasant end of the week escape. The Segamat is a town situated in the Segamat District, Johor, Malaysia. It is 95 km travel separate by means of North– South Expressway from Johor Bahru to Yong Peng, and another 77 km from Federal Route 1.

As indicated by neighborhood history specialist, Hassan canister Muhammad, the territory used to be known as Rantau Panjang. In around 1511, a Bendahara of Malacca, Bendahara Tepok and his troops were withdrawing to Johor after the fall of Melaka to the attacking Portuguese powers drove by Afonso de Albuquerque. The Bendahara and his troops halted and rested by a stream in the territory and drank water from the waterway. After the drink, the Bendahara shouted, "Segar amat!" (Malay: "Extremely invigorating!")

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