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Flower Stands – The Bold and The Beautiful!

There is no event with too many flower decorations. At Flower Chimp, we solely believe that in order to stand out from the masses, it is important to go the extra mile when it comes to jazzing up the place. Cue flower stands! Flower Chimp’s flower stand delivery is distinguishable by it’s quality, variation and sheer strive for excellence in all aspects. Our flower stand delivery service aims at providing your event with a gorgeous backdrop and theme; and a guaranteed conversation starter.


Why Choose a Flower Stand Instead of Bouquet?

Flower Chimp’s flower stand delivery offers up a unique perspective on event decor; and one that is different from usual flower bouquets. Although both types and arrangements would jazz up your event, a flower stand delivery service would guarantee for a look that’s more grand and exclusive with a customised flower stand delivery.

A customised flower stand delivery from Flower Chimp can also go hand-in-hand with each theme of your event. This alternative allows for you to browse flower stand delivery products that fit your theme! Not only does this allows your special flower stand delivery to easily blend in; it easily adds to the luxurious feel of your joyful occasion.


When Should You Order A Flower Stand Delivery?

A flower stand delivery would suit any occasion -but of course would be ideal for ones attended by many guests. Company dinners, galas, formal cocktails, wedding receptions and many more occasions are just the tip of the iceberg of what a flower stand delivery could cater to. Rest assured that your special flower stand delivery would easily one of the most exclusive decorations in the room! Whether you're from KL, Penang, Johor, Sabah or Sarawak - you'll definitely be able to say a big "Congrats!"