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Start Your Valentine’s Day Celebrations with A Delivery of Flowers 

Ahh, love… the wonderful, thrilling experience when two individuals surrender to attraction, infatuations, and deep emotions for each other. That’s what Valentine’s Day 2022 is all about. For some of us, we’ve been apart from our partner or loved one for far too long due to movement restrictions here in Malaysia. Thankfully, you can send a bouquet of love this Valentine’s Day and celebrate precious moments with flowers. Flower Chimp brings beautiful fresh blooms with irresistible decorations to your doorstep with online shopping and a steady stream of the freshest flowers in Malaysia. Read more to find out how you could surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband with stunning flowers this 14th of February.

Valentine’s Day Specials for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend 

When you’re in love, you’ll do anything do show your desire and charm to that special someone. There are a million ways you could do that, but flowers are the easiest and most meaningful in this season of passion. Here at Flower Chimp, flowers are our life’s work. We are passionate about flowers as you are for your loved one. 

Flowers are appropriate for everyone on this special day. As Valentine’s Day may be a time for firsts – first girlfriend, boyfriend, first kiss, first engagement party, or maybe even a first anniversary, we’ve created flowers to commemorate these thrilling moments. 

What Flowers are Best for Valentine's Day?

Roses have always been considered a symbol of romance. It’s no surprise that we think of roses for Valentine’s Day. But truth be told, the prices of roses during this day of love are just too expensive – not to mention, cliché. Everyone is getting roses for their boyfriend or girlfriend during V’Day. How boring! It’s time to think outside the box. 

In addition to Roses, bouquets of Lilies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums or Orchids are ideal to cherish passionate moments. When it comes to the question of the right Valentine's Day flowers a rule of thumb is that everything is allowed but the colour red or pink is preferred as it symbolises passion and love. 

Spice Up Valentine’s Day Plans with Gifts

Flowers are to gifts as bread is to butter. Presents complete the ensemble of flowers with added goodies. Think about it, which one would you rather receive? A Valentine’s bouquet of flowers or a Valentine’s bouquet with ice cream, cake, chocolates, and a cute teddy saying “I love you”? The choice is obvious. You could also add your own gifts to spice up the gift or as a bonus. Naughty or playful gifts such as edible underwear or toys for sensual pleasure are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts with flowers. They imply more than you could speak in words. Whether you’re just married, dating, engaged, or just passed a 20th wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day MUST be celebrated with a bang!

Deliver Fresh Flowers This Valentine’s Day 2022 with Same-Day Delivery

Sometimes we forget important dates. Maybe, in the busy month of February, we’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day. Not to worry! We at Flower Chimp have got your back! Choose from a variety of fresh flowers in bouquets, baskets, or a variety of bundle deals this V’Day and enjoy same-day delivery. Remember to add in a sweet message of love and care in your gift package and you’re ready to celebrate it with that special someone. 

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