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#1 Florist | Flower Delivery to Klang Valley

Flower Chimp is the easy way to buy flowers online in Klang. We have selected the finest florist in Klang in to deliver your online flower order. Choose from exciting bouquets and find the right flowers or floral arrangement for any occasion, be it a birthday or wonderful get well wishes.


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Are you looking for a florist delivery to Klang? You arrived at the right destination. We are happy to take care of your florist order to Klang. Delivering Flowers to Klang has never been easier, faster or more reliable. 

Location of Klang Valley and implications on the flower delivery through our forist

Klang City (Bandar Klang) is the royal city of the state of Selangor, Malaysia, situated within Klang Valley. More precisely, it is located between Port Klang in its West, and Kuala Lumpur in the east. During in earlier era, it also was the civil capital of Selangor before current capital Shah Alam and before the prospering of KL and the Port Klang, which is today among the twenty busiest ports in the world and the entry ticket for many flower deliveries from across the world. After the arrival of flower shipments, Flower Chimp connects talented florists from Klang with flower recipients in their area to create smiles in the port city and anywhere beyond in Selangor. Being roughly an hour away from Klang, the city is located right be the sea. People would think that Port Klang is probably among the most remote cities of the Klang Valley (seen from Kuala Lumpur), but it isn't - you could drive the coast up north for at least and hour and would still not yet arrive at the border of Selangor. Therefore, it is good to have plenty of qualified florists all across Selengor - to make sure than the florist delivery to klang never needs to travel too far from the florist in order to reach the recipient.

As for the rest of Klang Valley, the port city is home to many florists that operate online do delivery as part of the Flower Chimp network.

 City Name: Klang
Districs: North- and South Klang, separated by the Klang River. North Klang is divided into three districts: Kapar, Rantau Panjang, and Meru.
Attractions: Istana Alam Shah (Royal residence of the Selangor Sultan), Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque (built in 1932), Kota Raja Mahadi (Historic Fort), Little India (Klang) - During Deepavali, the entire street is transformed into a vibrant, colourful show of lights and lively sound of music

The way of flowers from the florist to the recipient

Port Klang is a major trading hub here in Malaysia, thus fulfills an important role also for florists. Many shipments of imported flowers arrive there by vessel and are then subsequently forwarded to flower wholesalers. These wholesalers are the main source of supply for florists in Klang. Florists will then buy flowers from to to arrange different types of flowers into a bouquet. These bouquets are then picked up by a courier for flower delivery to Klang to a lucky recipient. The logistics of flowers is not always easy - they are highly perishable good and very fragile. Cut flowers last only a certain number of days. Fresh potted flowers usually last longer, but are still very fragile and may not be harmed during transportation of the florist delivery to Klang as that would reduce the life expectancy of the flower plant.

Questions related to the florist delivery to Klang?

In our continuous effort to provide you with a seamless flower delivery service experience, It is our main goal to provide you with the best possible shopping experience for all your gift and flower delivery needs in Klang. We deliver 365 days a year, even on public holidays and Sundays. In case that you have any special requests, questions or suggestions please get in touch with us via phone: 03-62061141, email: info@flowerchimp.com or simply chat with us through the customer service chat on our website.

Do you have relatives or friends in another town and want to send them a little thank you bouquet? No problem we ship our flowers Malaysia wide with no shipping costs.

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