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Kris Kringle

from RM 99

Sweet Desire

from RM 99


RM 179 from RM 159

Pink Blush

from RM 129


from RM 149

12 Red Roses Korean Style

RM 159 from RM 149

Just For You

RM 199 from RM 179

Purple Hues

from RM 99

Cherry Posy

from RM 119

Bloomy Days

from RM 119

Pink Delight

RM 189 from RM 169


from RM 139

Lily Bouquet

RM 209 from RM 179

Sunset Roses

from RM 109

Basket of Joy

from RM 149

Sweet Garden

from RM 119

Chocolate Joy

from RM 159

Pink Love

from RM 99


RM 169 from RM 159

Purest Love

from RM 149


RM 199 from RM 189

Gerbera Galore

RM 139 from RM 109

30 Red Roses and Ferrero

RM 319 from RM 259

Sweet Vibes

from RM 169

Love Medley

from RM 129

Notting Hill

from RM 209

Lavender Posy

from RM 119


from RM 149

I'm with you

from RM 229

Sweet Love

RM 189 RM 149

Beautiful You

from RM 129

Forest Green

from RM 109

Dazzling Red

from RM 99

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Bringing flowers to your special someone is thought of as a heartfelt gesture. Using flowers at an event from corporate events to wedding makes for beautiful decorations all around. Looking for a florist should be a priority for you.

Living in a city like Sungai Buloh, florists with offering a flower delivery service is a popular choice for a lot of people. Flower Chimp is a trusted florist that delivers the best-looking, fresh flowers to their client located in Sungai Buloh and all over Malaysia. Orders coming from this location is part of the service area of Flower Chimp. 

About Sungai Buloh

Sungai Buloh was an original settlement for citizens who suffered from leprosy back in the 1920’s. It was the site of a Leprosarium built by the British which tended to thousands of Leprosy patients in the country back in the day.

Residents thrived in the settlement because of its fertile land. They were able to sell fruit and vegetable seedlings which can be bought from hundreds of nurseries operating within the Sungai Buloh settlement.

Today, the Sungai Buloh settlement is a major historical site of the country where tourists can visit regularly through public transport and access roads. The other parts of the area were developed into high-end neighborhoods for rich families looking for a lush green place to live.
Send Flowers to Sungai Buloh

Aside from the city information provided, many of its residents rely on Sungai Buloh flower delivery services because it is much easier than going to local physical shop. With Flower Chimp’s online ordering feature, residents can just simply place their orders on their website and have it delivered to the location they identified in their order.

Our skilled team will arrange the flowers to your specifications. A wide selection of flower varieties make it easier to decide Clients can get their favorite Lillies or Roses in bouquets delivered to their loved ones or event with reliable service that reaches to the outskirts of KL.

Official events would be best served by our flower stands. These stands display the beautiful products of the company. Clients can also order customized jobs to the flowers they want delivered. All they need to do is to make a call or send an email with their exact specifications and the flowers delivered will be made to what you want.

Order Online Today

The complete flower services we provide at Flower Chimp is a go-to option for many people. You can easily get the flower bouquets or arrangements you want delivered right to your location anywhere in Sungai Buloh.

Our delivery service can be scheduled to your preferred time. Special requests to your order can be made to our customer service hotline, online delivery forms, and even through email. Clients can also chat our customer representatives to place their orders.