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Lily flower | Gorgeous flower bouquets and arrangements

The Lily flower is a symbol of devotion, faith and hope. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or expressing your profound respect for someone, send a lily flower bouquet. Its meaning varies with the color but Flower Chimp's experts have the right choice for any occasion.
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The meaning of flowers: Lily flower

Lily flower means lucky for people who fall under the Gemini Zodiac. It is also important in Greek Mythology and has ties to the goddess Hera. Due to this, lily flower is often associated with motherhood and nurturing. Tiger lily flower is seen as a status symbol due to its rich, vibrant orange hues and the fact it is rare. Lily flower is also used in various medicines, particularly to help women during childbirth. Lily flower can be found in some parts of Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, nature-wise. The country is blessed with forests and the seaside. In the wilder areas, among foliage and majestic birds grow brilliant flowers. These flowers are often traded as gifts between people as a gesture of love or care. Such flowers can be purchased in abundance from local florists.

Gorgeous lily flower bouquets at Flower Chimp 

Flower Chimp is a top-rated florist based in Malaysia that deals in the finest quality flowers. We deliver across Malaysia right to the doorstep of your loved ones. Our fantastic range of flowers includes Tulips, Carnations, Eustoma, Alstromeria and more, but a flower that always stands out among all of these is the lovely lily flower.

Known for its spectacularly large petals, the lily flower is highlighted as one of the most beautiful blooms in the garden of the world. The lily flower is an excellent choice to display in the home or at an office. The lily flower’s pale hues are calming. Its distinct petal design makes it eye-catching and easy to spot from a distance. All in all, the lily flower is an excellent flower choice for sophistication and excellence. Flower Chimp designs highlight the natural exuberance of the Lily flower in its various colors and forms.

The lily flower looks gorgeous in bouquets, too. Due to its light color scheme, it is an ideal flower at weddings. The white lily flower is often presented at condolences and funeral services. Pink lily flower bouquets are often presented to a romantic partner, as they represent love and admiration.

The Lily flower is a good choice for any event. Many people choose to include the lily flower in bouquets. It is a common choice for gifts, too. Flower Chimp offers an exciting range of bouquets that flaunt the beautiful lily flower.

We offer bouquets that contain the elegant lily flower as well as many other blooms, such as roses and carnation. However, for those who prefer no additional flowers, Flower Chimp offers the graceful Lily Bouquet. This bouquet contains nothing other than the lily flower. It is a great gift, too!

Send a flower today!

For all lily flower bouquets and arrangements, Flower Chimp offers delivery across Malaysia. We take care of delivery to lift the weight of it from our customer’s shoulders, so that they may have a pleasant experience while shopping for lily flower bouquets with us.

Customers do not have to bother with the hassle of driving too far away to find and deliver flowers. We will deliver the lily flower arrangement you have ordered right to the front door of your loved one.

We guarantee that our lily flower bouquets will be delivered on time, absolutely fresh. We do not use old, refrigerated flowers in our bouquets because of their greater tendency to wilt within a short span. Our lily flower bouquets are bound to last 7 days or more, depending on how well they are cared for after delivery. To maximize the lifespan of a lily flower bouquet, avoid placing it under direct sunlight. There are harmful UV rays in sunlight which may cause lily flower discoloration. To keep the lily flower fresh for longer periods, be sure to provide it with a fresh supply of water. Use a handheld spray bottle or watering can to add moderate amounts of water to the lily flower bouquet. Alternatively, a mild sugar solution can also be used, which will provide a lily flower with fresh sucrose.

Lily flower bouquets make a great gift for all. Buy them for a friend or as a gift to yourself.  Head over to to order one today!


Do you have relatives or friends in another town and want to send them a little thank you bouquet? No problem we ship our flowers Malaysia wide.

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