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RM 179 from RM 159

Kris Kringle

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Chocolate Joy

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Sweet Desire

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Just For You

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Pink Blush

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Purple Hues

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Cherry Posy

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Sunset Roses

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Gerbera Galore

RM 139 from RM 109

Beautiful You

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Pink Delight

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Bloomy Days

from RM 119

Velvet Gem

RM 139 RM 129

Pink Love

from RM 99

Beauteous Thoughts

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Forest Green

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Sweet Jade

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Lily Bouquet

RM 209 from RM 179

Love Medley

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Sending Flowers to Malaysia is easy

Are you planning to send flowers to someone special in Malaysia? We are experienced in delivering flowers to recipients all across Klang Valley, Malaysia, and Selangor. There are many occasion for sending flowers. For a birthday, an anniversary, as a romantic gesture, or to welcome a new born child - the list of events that appreciate a flower delivery is long. 

We have all the varieties ready to be sent out to a person of your choice, be it a

  • Friend
  • Familiy Member
  • or collegue

People in Malaysia to send flowers to

The list of people that would be happy to receive a flower surprise is long, and if you have been thinking about someone special lately, then it is the right time to go online and send a lovely bouquet. Are you uncertain about what type of flower to send? Have a closer look at our bouquets and arrangements - each one is explained in more detail on the product page. There is a wide choice - from orchids of Malaysia, Tulips from Holland or Gerberas and Daisies from the Cameron Highlands, the list is long.

Who makes it possible for you to send flowers to Malaysia? We are working with a number of selected expert florist that ensure the freshness and quality of every single flower creation that is delivered. By working with these expert florists, we can go new floral directions by designing a range of Flower Chimp exclusive creations, only available online on our website.

Did you know that sending flowers have often been in the context of funny moments in TV history, not only in malaysia, but also in the US? 

Actually there are a lot of guidelines and rules that people sometimes follow when the want to send flowers to Malaysia, especially if the recipient is a loved one:

Don't just send flowers on Valentine's day

Perhaps it is not always the best to send flowers only on the typical flower holidays such as a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s and others. People will notice if your limit your flower sending to just those kinds of days - it makes you look predictable. You might seem like you only send flowers because you did not figure out what else to do. We are not advising you NOT to send flowers on those special festive occasion, but add some variety - this is were the surprise effect comes from. Sending flowers Just because is possibly the best reason to book flowers of all. In case that you don't have the money to send flowers on the normal days and as well as "just because", just skip the birthday by thinking of another gift than flowers and send a nice bouquet of roses on one beautiful September morning with a hand written message that says “I love you” or “Can't stop thinking of you”! This will mean a lot more because it is so unpredictable and who does not love a floral suprise?

send flowers to malaysia

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