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Tender Warmth

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Kris Kringle

from RM 99

Abiding Love

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Purple Hues

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Sweet Desire

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RM 179 from RM 159

Pink Blush

from RM 129

Timeless Love

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Cherry Posy

from RM 119

12 Red Roses Korean Style

RM 159 from RM 149


from RM 139

Bloomy Days

from RM 119

Just For You

RM 199 from RM 179

Velvet Gem

RM 139 RM 129

Pink Delight

RM 189 from RM 169

Basket of Joy

from RM 149

Sweet Jade

RM 179 from RM 149

Pink Love

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RM 199 RM 179

Sunset Roses

from RM 109

Elegant Twist

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from RM 239

Gerbera Galore

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Dazzling Red

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from RM 199

Beautiful You

from RM 129

Lily Love

from RM 299

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Malaysia is home to many talented florists. However, it is not always easy to find the best florist, which is why Flower Chimp delivers directly from the best florists of the country to an address of your choice. By connecting a florist Malaysia online with local recipients, we create smiles on any occasion, be it an anniversary, a birthday, or a business opening.

An online florist malaysia ist not only limited to the flower varieties grown in the country, but have delivered all sorts of kinds. While there are gorgeous gerberas and orchids being grown locally, many types such as roses and tulips are imported from overseas. Fortunately, a florist Malaysia has mastered the art of combining the most diverse kinds of flowers into wonderfully composed bouquets and arrangements. #

Being a florist Malaysia: An overview

Being a florist or "floral designer" is a wonderful craft, not only in Malaysia: It allows you to connect with nature, create beautiful floral compositions, and to be commercially valuable to clients in an area. Florists can specialize in events or weddings, and even open their own floral stores for any type of flowers. There are endless options and the demand for a talented floral artists is always given in many cities across the Malaysia. Our Malaysia florist supports flower types for any occasion, while tulips and orchids are particularly popular, not only for same say delivery as a spontaneous gift.

Profession: Florist / Floral Designer


Design and preparation of floral bouquets and arrangements for delivery or for various occasions such as weddings and funerals, but also for diverse events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and more.

Work Area:

A florist Malaysia either operates an own florist shop where they sell flowers to walk in customers, or the operate without a shop, e.g. for events such as weddings only. Hotels and Shopping Malls sometimes also hire florists permanently to maintain the flower arrangements on their premises.
Malaysia Florist

Another popular service offering by Flower Chimp's florist Malaysia is the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flower decoration for offices. Our dedicated florist Malaysia will cater you with fresh flower arrangements on a regular basis to bloom up your work space. Kindly get in touch with us should you be interested and we will set up a personal meeting and onboarding to discuss details.

Occasions calling for a florist Malaysia

You can't just give any type of bouquet for any occasion. Make sure that different types of blooms have different meanings, thus the bouquet that you pick must be adequate for the cause. Supported by years of floral expertise we have picked the most common categories for you to choose form:

From now on, finding a florist Malaysia for any type of bouquet delivery has never less of a hassle. You have arrived at the right floral site for all your flower and gifting needs. No matter if you are searching for birthday flowers, get well wishes, opening stands or condolence and funeral flowers, we are happy to take your online order.

Do you have relatives or friends in another town and want to send them a little thank you bouquet? No problem we ship our flowers Malaysia wide with no shipping costs.

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