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Celebrate The Mooncake Festival With Us!

Flower Chimp wants to remind you of The Mooncake Festival this 10th September 2022!! Even though it is known as the Mid-Autumn Festival in Malaysia, the locals refer to it more generally as the Lantern Festival and the Mooncake Festival instead. The festival's origins in moon worship and moon-gazing have become more of a footnote in the celebration, as suggested by the names of several of its events. Nowadays, people of all ages in Malaysia identify the celebration with lantern parades and mooncakes! 

As part of the festivities surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, extended families traditionally get together for a hearty feast to mark the occasion. There is a wide variety of ingredients that can be used to make wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival dishes because the festival is held during the harvest season! During this joyous season, it is traditional to spend time with one's family and friends, and Malaysia follows this practice. This event is a true celebration of getting together and reconciling with loved ones, and the delectable mooncakes, duck, and hairy crabs that are served are just some of the highlights of the gathering.

Mid-Autumn Festival Activities

The Mid-Autumn Festival is steeped in history, and its traditions and culture reflect that history. It dates back more than 3,000 years. The following is a list of some of the activities and customs that you can do together with your loved ones! - ranging from the eating of mooncakes to the gathering of one's family: 

Same-Day Delivery For Mooncakes!

Flower Chimp's version of these round-shaped delicacies, loaded with tasty but different flavours, is the perfect way to celebrate! During the Mid-Autumn Festival, these sweet and savoury pastries, which have become synonymous with prosperity and family reunions, are typically eaten when the moon is at its fullest. Despite the abundance of choices, the tried-and-true classics like white lotus, salted yolk, and red bean are always a good pick! When you're ready to offer these limited-edition boxes as gifts to someone you love, just pick one from our assortment and check out!