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May 17, 2022 4 min read

“Daddy” was everyone’s first words, and the time of the year to celebrate them has come to a full cycle. While mothers always had a way with star-shaped fruits, trendy hairdos, and makeup supplies when you were ten, dad will always be the guinea pig for your favourite sparkly eyeshadow. Dad is always the one acting like your age so he could try and relate to you. Always being a friend when you need one, and a parent when Mummy’s stuck in a meeting and dinner’s not ready yet. 

It's hard to think of gifts for dads who always say, "My 20-year-old wallet still works fine, I don't need a new one," but figuring out what dad wants can be made simple. What is your dad like? Does he lift the furniture in the house easily? Does he have a room filled with computer screens and always win at video games? What gifts can you get them if they do? Get ready to have your mind blown with the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Your Type of Dad. 



The Busy Bee



This type of dad is glued to his phone screen. Even if you serve him a wonderfully cooked chicken with fries and salad for dinner, he'll be on his phone, replying to emails. He may not be the best companion for a game of catch, but he has his way of being the parent you need to get you on the right track in life. 

A coffee maker would be the ideal gift for this type of dad. Something that ensures he’s ready for that early morning meeting. Something to keep him fresh and alert throughout the day. 

Having his own coffee maker could be a break for your dad from that cold, metallic-tasting coffee he usually gets from the corner shop. Plus, it saves both his gas money and time on his office commute. A busy bee type of dad would highly appreciate that.



There’s no need to look far, Flower Chimp offers the perfect gift set to solve your “What do I buy for Father’s Day?” problem! The French Press Coffee Maker set is perfectly matched with 125g of Illy Dark Ground Coffee,13.5oz of French Press and one set of Tempered coffee scoop and sealer in silver.  



The Free-Spirited Hipster


Has your dad ever said “on fleekto compliment you? News flash! His inner child is alive and well. His vocabulary on internet slang might be outdated, but his fashion sense never is. As much as he tries hard to fit in with your friends, it never ceases to amaze people when you say he’s your dad. Apart from embarrassing you on purpose, this type of dad will be the proudest to teach his son necessary grooming skills.

This type of dad always wants to look like a million bucks to fit in with you. A grooming kit as a Father's Day gift might help him with that. Who knows? Maybe this could strengthen the bond between the two of you. Typically, a grooming kit for men could include a lot of things such as:

  • face wash 
  • trimmer 
  • hair comb 
  • deodorant

You know who has the best grooming kit any dad can use? Flower Chimp! Your dad will be lookingon fleek in no time. A Schick Hydro 5 Sense Shaver and Blade Cartridges are included in the package. A Badlab Baby Faced Assassin Energizing Facial Cleanser is also included. This kit would be the perfect Father's Day gift if you’re trying to show off how young your dad is. 



The Tech-Savvy Geek

Then there are the “geek dads”.  Always winning at video games? Constantly talks about the latest softwares? Sounds familiar? These new wave of fathers, in contrast to the stereotypical image of a geek, are hipper, better connected, and more actively involved in their children’s lives.



What’s the best gift to get them, you ask? Get ready to see his eyes light up as bright as a Christmas tree when you give him the ideal collection of technological gizmos, he won’t stop raving about. We're talking about bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, and headphones - anything he can carry around to remind him of you.

Flower Chimp's gadget bundle is the most practical choice to go with. There is a Pineng powerbank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, an Olivebebe Bluetooth speaker, and a 3-in-1 rapid charging cable included in this package, which is the kind of gift that geek dads would be thrilled to receive.



The Amateur Athlete

He gets his daily morning runs and works out at the gym after work; he may be the healthiest person you've ever met.He may interrupt your nap for a game of catch, but he never misses your sporting events or lets you be picked last in gym class.



If your dad is a certified gym rat, getting him a must-have essential that helps him get the job done efficiently in his workouts might be the way to go for Father’s Day.He may already have a large collection of essential workout gear. But if he wants to improve his wellness routine, he might consider adding your gift to his collection.

Having the appropriate training equipment makes things easier and more secure, among other benefits. With the help of this versatile training bundle that Flower Chimp offers, you may immediately contribute to the improvement of a loved one's physical health. The bundle includes one resistance band, one adjustable gripper and an Everlast open knee support - perfect for a Father’s Day gift.

Now that you've got the ultimate list for a Father's Day gift, just figure out what type of dad you have and you're all set. But keep in mind that the best Father's Day present for all types of dads is always your presence in their lives.

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