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June 30, 2022 4 min read

When we think of the most famous toys in the world, LEGO is often at the top of our list. The leader in imaginative play, building blocks for motors skills, and collectors’ toys, LEGO has thousands of playsets and builds based on movies, pop culture, nature, architecture, space, and world events. We at Flower Chimp have discovered the next best thing in the world of LEGO – a LEGO flower bouquet set! We got our LEGO set at retail from Toys R Us.

LEGO Flower Bouquet by FlowerChimp



The LEGO Flower Bouquet set comes from the Botanical Collection and is an ensemble of 756 pieces designed by Anderson Grubb and Astrid Sundorf Christensen. The estimated height for the completed LEGO flower bouquet stands at 36cm. Despite the number of pieces in the set, the build is relatively easy and fuss-free.

Here are some possible challenges to the bouquet assembly:

  • The LEGO Flower Bouquet does not include a brick vase or casing to enclose the flowers.
  • As with all LEGO sets, colours may differ a little from the display on the box.
  • Foliage may be a little dull to the eyes.

Of course, we’re nit-picking. For the avid LEGO collector, these are but little nuances that make each build more interesting – as you’ll witness in our unboxing video.


LEGO Flowers 1


The set comes with a variety of 6 flower types – Roses, Common Daisies, Asters, Lavender, Californian Poppies, and Snapdragons.



The most prominent flowers in the LEGO Flower Bouquet set are the roses. Each LEGO Flower Bouquet box contains 3 roses. With a peachy pink colour (Light Nougat tone), the LEGO blocks that form the petals give of a pastel shade to the arrangement overall. At first glance, petals seem a little flimsy, but when fully assembled, the flowers’ beauty can be vividly seen. The petals use traditional LEGO C-snap elements that allow them to move.

Fun fact: The outer petal elements are commonly used as engine bonnets and car roofs in other LEGO models.

Out of all the flowers, the roses took the most time to assemble. Although each stalk had lesser pieces than other flowers (daisies, snapdragon, etc), the flowers were a little tricky to fix together. Albeit the complicated process, the end result is worth the effort. Here is timelapse of the rose being put together.


Common Daisy

We believe the LEGO Common Daisy looks like the white Oxtail Daisy when completed. The flower is made up of 38 individual pieces that come together to create a beautiful bloom. With a rather minimalistic look, the white petals and contrasting yellow face perched on a long stalk add a subtle character and colour to this Botanical set.  



Lavender is known as a herb and as a decorative plant. Its light fragrance is a key ingredient to many extracted essential oils. That said, the LEGO Lavender flower brings a world of colour to the ensemble.


LEGO Flower Lavendar


With intricate purple flowers balancing on chocolate-coloured stems, this set of 117 pieces takes some patience to put together. The three stems of flowers point upward, creating a cone-shaped bloom. Once assembled, it is best not to move it around as pieces could fall off with any contact to a moving object.



California Poppy

Bright orange, the California Poppy is a welcomed addition to the set. A burst of colour in its petals creates a fun and exciting build. The flower is simple to put together and you can do it within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, each LEGO Flower Bouquet set comes with only one California Poppy. The California Poppy is native to Mexico and the surrounding regions and is the state flower of California. The entire flower is made up of 34 individual pieces.



Possibly the most beautiful of all the LEGO flowers, the Snapdragon features vivid colourations of pink, purple, and contrasts of Emerald green. The bloom towers above the others with a higher stance and creates a perfect centrepiece to the bouquet. Snapdragons (Antirrhinum) are named such because of their ‘mouth’ feature that opens up like a dragon’s mouth.

LEGO Snapdragon

Fun fact: The Snapdragon is made up of LEGO Technic elements to create a sturdy flower.



Add a dash of purple into the mix with the gorgeous Aster. Asters come from a family of 180 species of flowers that bloom in the late summer. The LEGO Aster is made up of 67 individual pieces that form tiny hues of purple petals on a long stalk.


 LEGO Aster Flower



Overall, the LEGO Flower Bouquet is a must-have collector’s item for any LEGO fan. This set is a perfect addition to the Botanical Collection as it adds vibrant colour and life. Albeit the shelf life of LEGO flowers, sometimes we want the real thing. Go ahead and treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers with our selection below.