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October 08, 2019 2 min read


The traditional Zodiac consists of twelve Horoscope signs. Individuals from across the world believe in them, including people in Malaysia.

Every Zodiac sign has its own set of flowers that are considered lucky and special:

  • Aries (the Ram): Matthiolas are symbolic flowers for the leader of the zodiac. These flowers represent the carnal passion of Aries. 

  • Taurus (the Bull): Lilies flowers bloom best when with a Taurus keeps them close by. These are the best flowers for a Taurus who have an affectionate and indulgent characteristic

  • Gemini (the Twins): One of the main characteristic of a Gemini is being passionate, classic, and intelligent.The next time you think of plan on sending flowers to Gemini, send Orchids! They'll love it as it truly embodies their personality and style.

  • Cancer (the Crab): Cancer is the first water sign in the Zodiac and is known to be loyal, sweet, and sensitive. Surprise your Cancer loved ones with a bouquet of Carnation flowers - they're sweet, delicate, and beautiful.

  • Leo (the Lion): The inner warmth of Leos is perfectly captured by Tulips. Tulips, similarly with Leos, are stand tall from the ground, with vibrant buds, and an aura of class and luxury. Leos never settle for anything less and are ambitious individuals.

  • Virgo (the Maiden): Virgos are well suited to sunflowers which are commonly found in florists in Malaysia. Being modest, humble and cheerful, Sunflowers are the perfect flowers to gift to any Virgo out there.


  • Libra (the Scales): Libra's are known to be kind-hearted and logical at the same time. Libra is the perfect sign that shows complete balance and peace, it is also embodied by the Eustoma flower. 


  • Scorpio (the Scorpion): Scorpios have garnered a reputation for being mysterious and passionate. With the many layers of petals in a Gerberaflower, it could simply represent the many layers of traits that a Scorpio has but will only show you piece by piece when you get to know them.

  • Sagittarius (the Archer): Due to their intense passion and lust for life, the Sagittarian birthday flower is the Calla Lily which embodies the longing to constantly be reborn. A Sagittarius is not one to stay still, they are always on the move and always pushing for change. 

  • Capricorn (the Goat): For Capricorns, the best flower to give them is the simple and sweet Baby's Breath. If you're looking for a flower arrangement to give to the sensitive and practical Capricorn, find one with tons of baby's breath as a Capricorn has always found the most beauty in the simplest of things.

  • Aquarius (the Water Bearer): The free-spirited Aquarius, has always been known to go against the grain. However, don't be fooled, their unpredictable nature makes them the perfect sign to send Rose bouquets to! You don't have to send a traditional arrangement. Get them a Trinity Box  to surprise them with a one-of-a-kind boquet made by Malaysia's talented florists.

Sending one's birth flower may encourage goodness in life. Get your birthday flower through online florist flower delivery in Malaysia!