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October 08, 2019 6 min read

Zodiac Signs as Flowers


It's well-known that flowers can be matched to any colour, mood, or aesthetic preference. If you've never heard of zodiac flower pairings, you're in luck! Interestingly, certain flower kinds are connected with each Zodiac sign. As a result, astrology can be used to guide you select the right flowers for your house or comfort zone. Learn more about the best flowers for your zodiac sign by reading on. Let this list of zodiac flowers inspire you to decor your own zodiac home. 


What is the Zodiac you ask? While most people are aware of astrology, not everyone chooses to believe in it as a religion or spiritual practice. Learning about your zodiac sign and its associated traits can be fun regardless of your beliefs. There are twelve zodiac signs, and each one has its own set of positive and negative characteristics, as well as its own unique outlook on life and the people in it. A person's birth horoscope can be determined by analyzing their birth ecliptic, which shows the positions of planets and the Sun and Moon. People's essential features, interests, weaknesses, and fears can be revealed through astrology. 


Aries (The Ram) - Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are bold blooms that are frequently viewed as a symbol of bravery and tenacity. Additionally, this flower is symbolic of self-assurance, aspiration, and resolve. These characteristics are reflective of Aries, which is a sign that is noted for being forthright, courageous, and honest. Hydrangeas are the ideal flower for people who have a strong spirit and are not afraid to express themselves. It is a flower that makes a bold statement and can be recognized even in the most elaborate arrangements.


Taurus (The Bull) - Lilies 

When a Taurus is nearby, lily blossoms are more likely to flourish to their full potential. These are the greatest flowers for a Taurus since they have a feature that makes them affectionate and indulgent. The mild nature of Taurus is reminiscent of the purity that is represented by the lily as a symbol. In addition, Taurus is an innovative zodiac sign, which is why the unique flower is a good match for it. Both the lily and the Taurus contribute vitality and nourishment to the beings that are in their vicinity. 


Gemini (The Twins) - Orchids

Passion, tradition, and intelligence are three of the most prominent traits associated with those born under the Gemini sun sign. Give orchids the next time you think about intending to send flowers to someone who has the Gemini sign. They will adore it because it so perfectly captures who they are and the way they dress. Orchids, with their exotic appeal, are an excellent flower to represent Gemini. The astrological sign of Gemini places a high priority on tenacity and resilience, all of which are represented by the orchid. Understanding or categorizing people with the Gemini zodiac sign can be difficult at first. Orchids are a good example of this quality because they have a distinctive appearance that is nonetheless eye-catching. 


Cancer (The Crab) - Carnation

Cancer is the first water sign in the Zodiac, and people born under this sign are renowned to be faithful, sympathetic, and sweet. Carnations are known for their sweetness, delicacy, and all-around beauty, so why not give those you care about who are Cancers a bouquet of these flowers? Carnations are symbolic of the Cancerian sign because of the sense of serenity and composure they inspire. This sign has a reputation for being sensitive and empathetic, and as a result, they bring a sense of calm to the lives of those around them. Cancers have a tendency to be extremely nurturing and devoted. They have strong ties to their families and friends and are said to be very loyal to those they care about. 


Leo (The Lion) - Tulips

Tulips are the flower that most accurately depicts the inner warmth of Leos. Tulips, like Leos, have strong stems that rise up from the earth and are characterized by colourful buds as well as an air of sophistication and opulence. Leos are individuals who never settle for anything less than what they want and are ambitious. The most common interpretation of tulips as a symbol of love is one that is unwavering and profound. Because tulips are such a traditional flower that has been cherished by many people for many years, they have become synonymous with the concept of love. It doesn't matter if you're giving them to your partner, children, parents, or siblings; they're the perfect gift for someone who you love deeply and unconditionally. Tulips, a flower that symbolizes love and affection, are an excellent choice to send to a special someone.


Virgo (The Maiden) - Sunflower

Sunflowers, which are frequently sold in Malaysian florist shops, are an excellent floral choice for Virgos. Sunflowers, being modest, humble, and happy, are the perfect flowers to offer to any Virgo out there, and what better flower to symbolize this great energy than the sunflower? Sunflowers are the perfect flower to gift because they are modest, humble, and joyful. Flowers that are as bold and vivacious as sunflowers are a perfect representation of the Virgo personality. The sunflower is also a symbol of strength and loyalty, which are both characteristics that are associated with Virgos. Additionally, Virgos have a reputation for being natural leaders. Sunflowers are a good example of this quality because of their height and their ability to be seen from a long distance. 


Libra (The Scales) - Peonies

The peony flower best represents the passionate Libra. This luxuriant flower, sometimes known as the King of Flowers, is a representation of both love and power. It is also an omen of romance and good fortune, in addition to being a symbol of affluence. The ideal complement to the unique qualities of the Libra personality. Peony blossoms can signify a great lot of different things depending on context. The Peony flower meaning can be used to encourage a successful marriage, as well as to symbolize honour and compassion. In addition to symbolizing wealth, good fortune, and pleasure, the peony flower meaning can also be utilized in these ways. Even the quality of being reticent can be conveyed! Just like a Libra. 


Scorpio (The Scorpion) - Gerberas

The Scorpio zodiac sign is known for having a reputation for being secretive and intense. There are many layers of petals in a gerbera flower, and this might simply be a representation of the many layers of characteristics that a Scorpio possesses, but which they will only reveal to you in increments as you become more familiar with them. 


Sagittarius (The Archer) - Daisy

Daisies, which represent a desire to be perpetually reborn, are the birthday flower for people born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign because of their tremendous passion and hunger for life. A Sagittarius is not the type of person to stand still; rather, they are the type of person that is constantly moving and is always advocating for change. Sagittarius is known for their ability to communicate well, which is another symbol that daisies represent. Many people believe that this is one of the zodiac signs that possess the highest level of emotional intelligence, which is a quality that is essential to effective communication in romantic relationships.


Capricorn (The Goat) - Baby’s Breath

The most appropriate flower to gift a Capricorn with is the dainty and delicately scented baby's breath. If you are searching for a flower arrangement to gift to a Capricorn who is sensitive and practical, opt for one that has a lot of baby's breath in it. This is because Capricorns have always been able to find the most beauty in the most unassuming of things. The meanings of baby's breath are just waiting to be discovered. This flower is widely regarded as a representation of undying affection, which is one of the many reasons that it is frequently used as a bridal flower. Because baby's breath is also a symbol of innocence, it is a nice gesture to give a loving Capricorn something that reflects their purity.


Aquarius (The Water Bearer) - Rose 

Those who were born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are most compatible with roses as a flower. The rose is a traditional flower that is recognized for its association with both abundance and beauty. These traits are appealing to the hard-working Aquarius who also has a deep appreciation for the natural world. Even though Aquarius is a practical sign, those born under this sign nonetheless enjoy indulging in the more luxurious aspects of life. They like to treat themselves to an occasional expensive experience or romantic evening. Roses are symbolic of this facet of the Aquarius sign as well. 


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Pisces (The Fish) - Iris

In spite of the fact that Pisces have a reputation for being somewhat reserved, many people are drawn to them because of their giving nature. They are reserved by nature and very attuned to the activities that take place in their immediate environment. They are notorious for erecting barriers around themselves for protection and do not tend to relax their guard very often. In spite of their timidity, when they feel the need to be heard, they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their point of view is conveyed, and when this occurs, they can become very possessive. Iris flowers have three upright petals that represent faith, knowledge, and valour, which are all characteristics of a typical Pisces.