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March 10, 2022 4 min read

What’s your fondest memory of your childhood? Chances are, it revolves around a birthday party. Birthday parties are some of our favourite occasions where our best memories are created. The friends, the family, the gifts, the decorations, and let’s not forget – the cake! Everybody is in a good mood.

Planning a birthday party is equally as exciting! There is a myriad of party ideas these days on Pinterest and Instagram, and we can’t wait to try them all. As party-lovers ourselves, we at Flower Chimp have come up with 5 must-have birthday party elements to make it the most memorable party ever.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Adults & Kids 

Hot Air Balloons

Enter a world of magic and enchantment with a hot air balloon themed party. Using balloons, you could create stunning hot air balloons designs for a party. Whether you’re planning for a child’s birthday or for your wife’s 40th, a hot air balloon party is one unlike any other. All you need are some balloons, some rope, and baskets.



To make hot air balloons, simply get balloons and blow them to their largest size. Glue 3-4 strands of rope or twine spaced evenly along the balloon. Glue the other ends of the rope to a basket or box. In the box, add anything you like – gifts, sweets, confetti, flowers. Now string up the balloons to the ceiling using something that is hard to see such as fishing line. And voila! you have a hot air balloon décor. Alternatively, you could get a balloon bouquet as a gift or as décor for a smaller birthday party such as the one below.  


Money Cake

The latest craze at birthday parties is the Money Cake. Money Cakes are basically cakes baked around a little box containing some dollar notes. The notes are arranged in a line and stuck together using tape.



With the last one hanging out of the cake, the birthday girl/boy pulls the dollar note out of the cake and all the other notes along with it. This epic scene is one that would make the highlight of the event. Imagine everyone watching in awe as money is pulled out of a cake! How cool is that?! Be sure to bring your cameras!


Flower Photo Backdrop

Pics, or did it happen? In today’s world social media precipitates our love for photography. We would love to update our Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook with the awesome photos of that epic birthday we attended during the weekend. It’s no surprise then that our location must have an impressive photography backdrop. We suggest you make one – with flowers.


A flower photo backdrop needs some meticulous planning before making it. Essentially, a flower backdrop is a large standing structure with a board or cloth that has flowers and foliage on it. The board must be large enough to create the perception that it is the entire background. You could also add the event’s name or, more appropriately, the birthday boy or girl’s name. Place the photo backdrop in an open area at the birthday venue and station a designated photographer to capture precious moments of your guests.

If a huge flower photo backdrop doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could opt for something smaller. Go for birthday bouquets or vase arrangements that could become the background to an artistic photograph. 



Floating Photos

Floating photos are perfect for that nostalgic feel. Walk into a room with floating photos and you’ll be greeted with a sight of all your memories immortalised in photographs.

Much like the hot air balloon décor, floating photos use balloons are the main décor. However, in this instance, you’ll need some helium to blow your balloons and make them float. Once they are up in the air, tie a string with one of your favourite photos of the birthday girl/boy on the other end and attach it to the balloon. Be sure to do this is in an empty room and ensure the ceiling fans are switched off (if there are any).

Sparkling Candles

We’ve come to the highlight of the day – the cake cutting. The cake is the ultimate sign of a birthday. You could do away with all the fancy décor, but you must have a birthday cake. Albeit the wide variety of cake flavours we enjoy, what goes on top of the cake is as impressive as the cake itself. That’s where sparkling candles come in. Popular in movies and pop culture, sparkling candles are little fireworks made into cake toppers. They light up with a dancing flame and often come in a variety of colours. If you’re looking for sparkling candles or sometimes called Sparklers, you can add them to any of the cake selections below.

Alternatively, you could get trick candles. Trick candles look like regular candles. However, they light back up after you’ve blown them out. Imagine the birthday girl/boy blowing out the candles and everyone clapping, suddenly the candle lights up again. What a sight that would be!

You’ll be amazed by the creative ideas one could come up with for birthday decoration ideas. These are just a handful of what we love. Go ahead and choose gifts, cakes, flowers, and more from our selection at Flower Chimp.