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May 16, 2023 4 min read

Did you know that the innocent looking roses that you see today were once used to symbolize an unspoken code of secrecy and confidentiality? In ancient times, the Romans would hang a rose on the ceilings of banquet halls and meeting rooms. This rose represents that whatever that was discussed in this room will remain in this room. This practice ofrose symbolism was called ‘sub-rosa’ that essentially means "under the rose".

Fast forward in time androse meanings have since taken a very different direction. With its common usage across a myriad of events including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays,rose flowershave since elevated themselves to be known as the ‘queen of all flowers’. Though it is one of the most popular stems out there, many do not actually knowwhat a rose symbolizes. This doesn’t come as a surprise because gifting flowers has always been about its appearance — as long as it looks good, people will buy it.

Now, if you would like to elevate the sentimental value of your next rose bouquet, all you need to do is learn the 5 roses meaning behind all thedifferent types of roses. This gives the impression that your gifts have a certain level of sophistication to it! And that, dare we say, is one of the sexiest qualities that a person could own. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, read on as we explore the differentrose definitions according to their colours (yes, it is a thing!).

Types Of Roses and Meanings

Red Roses

Meaning of Red Roses


Ah, red roses, perhaps the most popular choice there is out there. Ask someone what does ared rose mean and chances are they will tell you it is ‘love’. Although they are not wrong, ared rose's meaningcan actually change depending on the type of red. For example, a standard red rose symbolises true love, romance and desire while a dark red rose represents passion and commitment. When both shades are combined into one lovely bouquet, the rose meaning transforms into appreciation and true respect, that’s why weddings typically consist of red roses with multiple shades. 

On a side note, you are probably not counting the number of red roses in each bouquet, but these numbers do actually have romantic implications attached to it. Usually, the most common numbers arethree red roses whichmean ‘I love you’ andtwelve red roses whichmean ‘be mine’. Bet you didn’t know that, right?


Pink Roses

Meaning of Pink Roses


Next on the list is the classic pinkrosethat carries themeaning of elegance. Due to their soft colours, pink roses are actually considered one of the gentlest roses out there. Like the red rose, a pink rose’s symbolism actually varies according to its shade. A light pink rose typically means innocence and grace while a dark pink rose connotes gratitude. When combined into a bouquet, they form the message of appreciation and admiration.

Given that pink roses pair with pretty much anything, it is the perfect gift for anyone around you including spouses, friends and even co-workers. This is a bouquet choice that you can never go wrong with!


White Roses

Meaning of White Roses


Undeniably one of the most beautiful creations out there, whiterose symbolism usually changes depending on the occasion. At jolly events like weddings, the white rose symbolises a new beginning and everlasting love while at sombre times like a wake, the whiterose means sympathy and mourning.

Having a dreamy-like look, a bouquet of white roses is ideal for a number of different purposes because it effectively conveys the message of ‘I am thinking of you.’ Just make sure to do your research before picking one of these up! 

In some cultures, white roses are also used to send condolences. You can send funeral flowers to the Philippines with Flower Chimp, and offer comfort to someone in need.


Lavender Roses

Meaning of Lavender Roses


Here's a rose that you don’t often see! The lavender or purplerose symbolises love at first sight or enchantment — the perfect gift for that special someone if you find yourself falling head over heels every time you see them. But wait, there’s more! The lavender rose even has a classy side to it. Darker shades of purple roses actually point towards royalty and splendour which carries a whole different vibe!

Pair both shades together in a bouquet and you have yourself a grand gesture of expressing your feelings towards your loved one. We are sure they’d be impressed with the uniqueness of the colours, too!



Yellow Roses

Meaning of Yellow Roses


The yellow rose actually had a particularly interesting history because it was once thought to mean jealousy and infidelity due to the connotation of yellow (yikes!). Thankfully, yellow rose meaningtook a turn for the better in modern times as these vibrantrosesnowsymbolise warmth and appreciation. Unlike its counterparts, yellow roses are the only stalk that doesn’t portray an undertone of romance, as it focuses on friendship.

So, if there’s a friend that you are looking to reconnect with, yellow roses are a great choice to make a warm approach!

Now that you know your way around themeaning of roses and their colours, you can get creative and tailor yourrose meanings according to the occasion. Mixing different rose colours into a single bouquet is a great way to personalise each arrangement with a ‘hidden’ message without writing a single word! Here, we’ll start with one — having a red, pink and purple rose in one bouquet could help you gracefully express your innocent first love towards a special someone. Isn’t that cool?

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