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February 20, 2019 3 min read


Whether it’s for Anniversaries, Birthdays, or just a random act of kindness to say thank you, fresh flowers are still the best gift to give on any day to express your love. Once again, fresh flower arrangements in Malaysiacontinue to reign supreme among other forms of gifts for their sheer elegance and dedication to tradition –but which flowers are the best alternatives to opt for to really make an impression? As a flower delivery service in Malaysia,our Malaysian florists here at Flower Chimp have compiled a list of some of the bestsellers you can possibly get on any occasion, take a look!

1. Carnations 


Ah, the marriage of modernity and femininity. Carnations are the perfect thread of balance between fresh individualism and timeless beauty; making it one of the hot-sellers on the romantic bouquet arrangements list. Carnations carry the symbol of wonder and fascination, which also allows it to be a simple yet graceful token of a new relationship!


Who to get this for;A partner who inspires you, keeps you moving towards new things and goals in your life.




2. Lilies


It might have been for it’s somber and delicate appearance, but lilies have over time gained its reputation for being a ‘funeral flower’ –as it’s been used at many occasions involving funerals and wakes. However, Malaysian floristsdon’t necessarily agree with that

idea; and it’s actually been a famous pick when it comes to fresh flower arrangementsdelivered by Flower Chimp! Lilies bring a more deeper meaning to them, often symbolizing purity and starting anew –so get very own order ofa fresh flower bouquetif this sounds like something that would relate to your relationship.


Who to get this for;A sophisticated soul, that is sometimes hard to read –but is filled with light and love to give.


3. Roses

It goes without saying that roses definitely deserve a spot on this list. Research shows that the purchase of roses fresh flower arrangementsexperience a spike of orders approximately 51% during Valentine’s Day –and it’s no wonder why! Roses have been one of the most traditional forms of flower gifting, and are the prevalent symbols of romance, intimacy and everlasting love. Want to opt for roses but dread being ordinary? Switch it up from the conventional red roses and go for white, yellow or pink roses to deliver on any Romantic Occasion - a bouquet that is bound to make an impression.


Who to get this for;Roses is a strong symbol of commitment and stability –get this for someone who you can see yourself building a future together!


4. Gerbera Daisies


Gerbera daisies might not be as popular a flower as the rest on this list –but they hold a charm that you simply cannot find anywhere else. As such, Flower Chimp’s fresh gerberas bear a sight to behold with their bright and funky colors! Gerberas symbolize cheer, prosperity and all the longings of a happy life, so it makes sense to gift it as fresh flower arrangementson for any day. 


Who to get this for;Someone who makes you laugh, and whose happiness is shared between a mutually sustaining relationship.

In any occasion, gifting flowers is the safest bet and the best way to make someone feel special; so order your fresh flower bouquet from Flower Chimp for your next celebration or just to make someone smile. Feel free to make your gift extra special with goodies such as a cute teddy bear, chocolates, fruit baskets and many more extra tokens to really blow the woman/man of your dreams away. Flower Chimp’s flower delivery service in Malaysiaeven provides a same day delivery option for orders placed before 1pm, which is perfect if you have a last minute romantic rendezvous planned out.