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November 07, 2022 6 min read

The Spring Festival is another name for the Chinese New Year celebration. At this time of year, it is traditional for Chinese families to perform house cleaning rituals in order to get rid of bad luck and make room for good fortune, as well as to welcome the arrival of warmer weather. You will come across doors that have been decorated with paper cutouts in the colour red that have phrases such as "happiness" and "wealth" written on them. The Chinese New Year is a time to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one, and one of the traditions that the Chinese people observe is to congratulate one another and themselves on having survived another year. This custom takes place during the holiday that marks the transition from the old to the new year.

Numerous rituals and customs surround the Chinese New Year. Still, if there's one thing that stands out, it's the significance of embellishments. As the new year approaches, many people put a lot of thought into decorating their homes and buying symbols of success and happiness. Paper lanterns, paintings, motivational quotes, and kumquat trees are all fair game. Here's our rundown of the most iconic Chinese New Year decorations and how to deck out your house like a local if you're hosting a Chinese New Year reunion dinner or inviting guests this New Year. 

Chinese New Year Flower Decorations

Flowers are one of the simplest decor options. Flowers make great decorations because they can be used for a wide variety of events and, thanks to advances in floriculture, are no longer limited to traditional bouquets. Lucky dishes aren't the only thing celebrated during Chinese New Year; fruits and flowers are also significant. During Chinese New Year, flowers and fruits have extra special meanings.

Big flower arrangements are the best way to make a bold statement, especially when you want to convey your happiness. Flowers are a lovely alternative to paper cutouts and lanterns for decorating your home in celebration of the Chinese New Year. You could decorate the tables with vases or a flower stand, but the latter would give your party a more sophisticated, intimate feel. If you're looking to decorate your home for the Chinese New Year, here are some flower decorations with a Chinese New Year theme.

Pussy Willows - Growth and Prosperity

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


During Chinese New Year, the pussy willow is displayed as a symbol of growth and the promise of prosperity. These colourful, long pussy willows are a lovely addition to any holiday home decor. You can find pussy willow in its natural colour or one of several other colours, including red, yellow, and gold. The silvery tinkle of the Chinese name for this tree, silver willow, evokes thoughts of wealth.

Orchids - Fertility and Abundance

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


One of the most universal floral symbols of the Chinese New Year is the orchid. You can find Orchids in endless varieties and colours at any Chinese New Year flower market or shop. This delicate work of God's creation has long been interpreted as a metaphor for "many children," or fertility and abundance. Orchids of many colours and varieties are available in the florist's shop. Still, each one of them is capable of completing the task at hand.

Peach blossoms - Prosperity, Growth and Romance

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


The peach represents vitality in Chinese culture, and its blossoms are thought to keep ghosts at bay. These flowers are commonly used as seasonal decorations because of their widespread popularity. In China, the plant has religious significance. The peach fruit and its flowers are especially significant to the Chinese at this time of year because of the fruit's symbolic meaning of long life.

Besides love and growth, peach blossoms are also thought to represent wealth and prosperity. Single young people on the prowl for a romantic partner find these helpful.

Plum blossoms - Endurance and Courage

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


In late winter or early spring, a seemingly lifeless branch of a tree will suddenly burst into beautiful plum blossoms. This flower has many meanings in Chinese culture, including bravery, hope, beauty, and innocence. In Chinese culture, this flower holds a high level of significance. This time of year, parks and gardens are teeming with life. There are "four nobles," and the plum is one of them along with the orchid (representing purity), the bamboo (representing uprightness), and the chrysanthemum (representing humbleness). 

Peonies - Innocence and Wealth

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


Although not officially recognised as such, peonies are widely considered to be China's national flower due to their widespread popularity. This lovely blossom symbolises all that is feminine: sweetness, tenderness, purity, and love. The name "flower of riches and honour" describes its reputation well. Particularly lucky are red peonies. In honour of the Chinese New Year, red envelopes filled with cash feature peony patterns.

Workplace Table CNY Decoration

Whenever the Chinese New Year is near, everyone makes an effort to get into the celebratory mood even at the office. Celebrate Chinese New Year by sprucing up your desk as well as your home! Don't think we're referring to Chinese lanterns or fook. In honour of the upcoming Chinese New Year, here are a few work table Chinese New Year decoration ideas for sprucing up your desk.

  • Red Packets (angpao)
  • Potted Orchid
  • Decorative Pendant
  • Chinese Character Magnet
  • Bonsai Ornament

Living Room Decoration Ideas

Although fresh flowers have special meaning during Chinese New Year, you don't have to limit yourself to just those to decorate your home. Decorating the home in preparation for the Spring Festival is a tradition nearly as old as the spring cleaning that comes before the Chinese New Year. These ornaments not only serve to spruce up the home but also to bring fortune and prosperity to the family who lives there. To help you spruce up your living room, we've provided some decorative ideas below! 


Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, lanterns are displayed prominently. They can be seen inside houses as well as outside, attached to lampposts, trees, and buildings. These are some of the most well-known Chinese New Year decorations found all over Malaysia, and for good reason: they make any space feel more joyous and prosperous in no time. Traditionally, Chinese lanterns are coloured bright red to represent joy and to chase away misfortune. The celebrations eventually end in a breathtaking display of light at the Lantern Festival. 



Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


When written inverted, the Chinese character for "fortune" (fook) represents wealth raining down from high. They are pasted onto walls or hung from plum blossom branches. During Chinese New Year, the character is often written on diamond-shaped red paper and hung upside down on front doors.


Kumquat Trees

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


During Chinese New Year, kumquat trees are commonly used as decorations, and they are typically placed in or near the front door. Good fortune and wealth are referred to as "orange" and "tangerine" in Chinese, and the colours orange and gold are considered auspicious. Many people buy and display these trees in their homes around the New Year because they are thought to bring good fortune and financial success in the coming year. Those looking to bake some luck into their lives will want to pick up a few of these lucky plants to keep as houseplants and use in their baking.

Paper Cutouts

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


Many Spring Festival revellers dedicate a significant portion of their time to the painstaking process of making paper cuttings. These beautiful works of papercutting art are typically displayed on white walls and feature words of good fortune. The red stands out dramatically against the white, highlighting the intricate cuts in the paper. These paper cutouts often feature flowers and the zodiac animal associated with the year in addition to auspicious characters. Intricate images of fish, peaches, dragons, grains, phoenixes, and more are carved from a single sheet of red paper. “Window Flower" is a direct transliteration of the Chinese word Chuang Hua.


Chinese Couplets

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas


In honour of the Chinese New Year, one of the most widespread and integral traditions is the hanging of spring festival couplets. Verticle strips of poetry have been pasted on either side of the front door, and similar displays can be seen in many other places, including homes, shops, universities, and workplaces. Every couplet, no matter how it's written or how many times it's rewritten, shares the author's hopes for the upcoming year. Light and bright, with lots of red and gold, they're perfect for decorating your home for the Chinese New Year!