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The Meaning of Roses

January 11, 2023 6 min read

Roses, with their enchanting beauty and delicate fragrance, have long been regarded as symbols of love, admiration, and affection. However, did you know that the meaning behind a rose can vary depending on its colour and the number of blooms in a bouquet? From passionate reds to serene whites, each hue carries a distinct message, while the number of roses holds its own significance. Embarking on a journey into the captivating world of rose symbolism, we unveil the hidden language that roses speak, allowing us to decipher the profound meaning behind their colours and numbers.


Meaning of Roses by Color

Each color of rose possesses its own distinct symbolism, conveying a range of sentiments and feelings. From the passionate reds to the purity of white, the cheerful yellows to the enchanting lavenders, the color of a rose holds a language of its own. Exploring the meaning of roses by color allows us to delve into the rich tapestry of human emotions and expressions, as we unravel the hidden messages woven into nature's most beloved flower.


Meaning of Red Rose

Roses are like love in bloom, and the red ones are the ultimate symbol of romance and beauty. A bouquet of a dozen red roses is the perfect way to profess your feelings to someone special. Red roses are like a love letter written in blooms, telling the world of your strong and everlasting love. The passionate red petals speak of love and desire, while the stem represents the journey of a couple, complete with its ups and downs. Just like the thorns, life together is not always a bed of roses, but true love will always conquer all obstacles and make your happiness the top priority.

When you want to express your love and appreciation, nothing says it better than a bouquet of red roses. Perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversary celebrations or simply to apologize for a fight, red roses are the ultimate gesture of love. So go on, sweep your loved one off their feet with a bouquet of red roses and watch love bloom!


Spiritual Meaning of Pink Rose

Pink tones reflect a delicate softness and refined sophistication. A bouquet of pink roses is the ultimate expression of love and appreciation for a lady. They offer deep thanks and excitement in a more subdued manner, similar to the flaming passion of red roses. These exquisite blooms are ideal for gentlemen who want to make a lasting impression on a first date or any special occasion. Sweep her off her feet with an arrangement of pink roses; she won't be disappointed!



Orange Rose Meaning In Relationship

Orange roses are the flower world's flaming sirens, emitting a fiery warmth that screams eagerness and positivity. These brilliant blooms are not only a symbol of hope, but their petals also contain a secret message of passion. Consider giving a bouquet of these flaming flowers to a loved one who is ill as a way to express your love and support. It's a way of telling them to get well soon and that you're thinking about them. You can also simply surprise a loved one with an orange rose bouquet to let them know they are loved and appreciated. So, why not brighten someone's day with a bouquet of orange roses?


Peach Roses Meaning

A bouquet of peach-hued roses is the perfect token of your gratitude, acknowledgement, and respect for another person. Sending a bouquet of these soft flowers is a wonderful way to communicate that you care. So, if you want to send a genuine gift that will make someone happy, pick a dozen of peachy roses! They'll make sure to brighten up anyone's day and show them that they are truly valued.



Meaning of Yellow Roses

Golden roses, like a diamond-studded crown, are a dazzling statement of wealth and strength. They were once thought to be a symbol of envy, but now they're all about friendship! The sun's vivid colour shines through these blooms, creating sensations of warmth and excitement. A yellow rose is like a ray of sunshine, quickly brightening your mood and spreading happiness. They're the ideal gift for close friends and a lucky charm for future pursuits.


Lavender Rose Meaning

The captivating hues of this one-of-a-kind colour exemplify seduction, enchantment, and captivation. These magnificent purple roses symbolise the age-old proverb "Love at first sight," and gifting them should be a deliberate and considered act since they contain great meaning and significance. These blooms are a tribute to the strength of attraction and the instant connection that true love delivers, making them the ideal present for that special someone who has already stolen your heart. 



Meaning of White Roses

The colour white is the embodiment of pure pleasure, untainted innocence, and humble humility. White roses, in particular, represent the beginning of a new chapter or the opportunity to start over. That is why they are frequently used in weddings and to mend fences. And, don't forget, sending a bouquet of white roses is a subtle way of saying, "You're in my thoughts, and I value you."  It's the ideal present for someone special!


Blue Rose: What It Means

Imagine a rose so beautiful, it's almost too good to be true - that's the blue rose! It's a one-of-a-kind, genetically-engineered bloom that doesn't occur naturally in the wild. Think of it as a mad scientist's dream coming to life, with a dash of red and a sprinkle of orange pigments, resulting in the stunning creation known as the Applause rose. But, beware, for this rare flower also represents the unattainable and the impossible.



The Black Rose

The Black Rose, contrary to its name, is actually a rich, deep red colour with a not-so-rosy connotation. The colour black is often associated with sorrowful events such as mourning and farewells, but as with all things, perception is key. Some may argue that a black rose can represent a clean slate or a new beginning, but generally speaking, black flowers are seen as ominous omens.

Roses Meaning By Number


The significance of roses extends beyond their enchanting colors. The number of roses presented holds its own special meaning, adding depth and nuance to the message being conveyed. From a single rose to a grand bouquet, each number carries a unique symbolism, allowing the giver to express their sentiments with precision and intention. Discovering the meaning behind roses by number unveils a secret language of love, where every petal whispers a heartfelt message to the recipient.

  • Single Rose: A single rose is often used to convey simplicity, love at first sight, or to send a special message. It can symbolize the uniqueness and exclusivity of your affection for the recipient.
  • Two Roses: Two roses typically represent a deep mutual love and affection between two people. They can symbolize a budding romance, a strong partnership, or a commitment shared between the giver and the recipient.
  • Three Roses: Three roses can convey the message "I love you." This number is often associated with the three words in the phrase "I love you" and is a popular choice for expressing affection and love.
  • Six Roses: Six roses can symbolize the desire to be with someone or the feeling of infatuation. It can represent the sender's intention to build a romantic connection or a longing to spend time together.
  • Nine Roses: Nine roses traditionally symbolize eternal love, everlasting commitment, and a promise to be together forever. It's a number often associated with strong and deep love relationships.
  • Twelve Roses: A dozen roses are a classic choice and often represent complete and perfect love. It is a common number to express deep love, gratitude, and admiration. Giving a dozen roses can signify that your love is infinite and abundant.
  • Twenty-Four Roses: Two dozen roses typically symbolize the idea of constant thoughts of the recipient or love that lasts every hour of the day. It can represent an ongoing commitment, love, and devotion.
  • Thirty-Six Roses: Thirty-six roses can convey the message "I will remember our romantic moments." It symbolizes cherished memories and can be a grand gesture of love and remembrance.
  • Fifty Roses: Fifty roses represent unconditional love and a love that knows no bounds. It's a generous and extravagant display of affection, often given on special occasions or milestone anniversaries.

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