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March 05, 2020 1 min read

Flowers are the perfect centrepiece to brighten up a dull space, and the perfect complement to highlight an exciting one. No matter the occasion or use, flowers have always existed to be a versatile addition! When it comes to cherishing flowers from an anniversary, birthday, graduation or anything else--they become extra special.

Of course, you should also keep in mind that some flowers have a different shelf life altogether. Tulips and daffodils last anywhere from only 5 days to a week, whilst orchids and chrysanthemums tend to last longer than that. On average--you can still expect cut flowers to last any time from 5-7 days, but Flower Chimp’s flowers last the full 7 days of freshness!

The question still remains; how do we preserve these blooms for as long as possible? One very common solution for this is to prepare a soda and water mixture. If not for soda, you could even substitute this with apple cider vinegar! Then, fill this mixture up in a hand-spray bottle, and spritz along the undersides of your flowers’ leaves.

Finally, you should be trimming away any excess leaves on the stem. You can still leave a few on the top--however, too many leaves crowding your stem is bad for your flower as it absorbs too much hydration from your petals. If not for that, be sure to place your flowers in a place that’s cool and away from direct sunlight. You should also be regularly removing leaves that fall below the waterline as they can decompose and aggravate bacteria growth.