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July 20, 2020 3 min read

Aries: Fun, fiery, and feisty - Aries leaves a trail of fiery passion wherever they go. When it comes to love, they jump in with all their heart - blazing scarlet just like our Red Velvet bouquet. This creation of red roses, gerberas and baby’s breath is the perfect fit for the ardent Aries in your life.
Taurus: Taurus exudes charm through and through -  beauty, grace, and so worth the chase! Their love, like a silvery sonnet - paints your life in hues of blush and bloom. Our At First Blush bouquet, jewelled with light pink roses, champagne eustomas, white ping pongs and sprays of pink carnation is the perfect bloom to embody your Taurus.
Gemini: You couldn’t pin them down to a simple string of words even if you tried - an enigma of a person with a marvellous mind. Gemini is an infinite puzzle, who unravels with nurturing and love to reveal a soul of pure art underneath. Our Purple Hues bouquet captures the true essence of this wild child with a pop of purple roses, eustomas & playful ping pongs.
Cancer: Living in a world gone plastic, they're so classic! Soft, kind and loving, yet, they hold a tough shell, and just like the sea their love can either cleanse your soul or drown you complete. Our Kris Kringle bouquet perfectly embodies the charming Cancer  - ornately decorated with red roses & berries, cotton flowers, parvifolia, tea leaf and an acorn ornament.
Leo: Brilliantly bold, like the blazing sun - Leo paints your life in pops of colour, glint, and shimmer. Vivaciously warm-hearted, loving a Leo feels like a never-ending, saturated sunset filled with hues of amorous scarlet & effervescent yellow - just like our Sunset Roses bouquet made with bright sunflowers & expressive roses.
Virgo: Simple, sweet, and yet, sensual - Virgo values simplicity and know how to add a touch of their charm to even the mundanities of life. Their love feels like a warm embrace or a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day. Our salubrious Sweet Pea arrangement of crisp white ping pongs & pink eustomas is the perfect way to say I love you to your Virgo.
Libra: A Venusian wonder with a wildly strong will, Libra is a force to be reckoned with. They like things perfect, pure and pleasing. Enchantingly charming, their love makes life feel like a fairy-tale - with a simple and succinct happy ending. Our Sweet Baby’s Breath bouquet is the ideal token of love for an aesthete Libran.
Scorpio: Mysterious, magical, and magnificently lavish. Scorpio may be an intimidating affair at first but with time, as their shell peels away, you’ll be engulfed by their unending devotion and love. Their love feels like a priceless treasure - a trove of pure gold. Our Golden Sunset bouquet brimming with gold & red orchids is a treasure made fit for your treasure.
Sagittarius: Sagittarius is full of zeal and zest! They know how to get a party started anywhere, and make sure to make it happen, too. Their love for life is neverending, and so is their love for you - a true ride or die, they’ll be the Bonnie to your Clyde. Our Gerbera Galore bouquet is the perfect pop of bold & beautiful gerberas for the vibrant Sagittarius in your life.
Capricorn: Classy Capricorn is a determined go-getter, they enjoy the finer things in life and knows how to get them. Once they commit to something there’s no turning back - whether that be in life or love, they're in it for the long run. Our gorgeous Bubble Gum Posy bouquet made with delicate pink roses is the perfect fit for powerful Capricorn.
Aquarius: Extraordinarily unique, Aquarius can’t be tamed - they're fun, fuss-free and frisky! Never a dull moment with them around - free-spirited Aquarius knows how to turn your gloomy days into bloomy days. Our Bloomy Days bouquet, brimming with luminous sunflowers is the way to go with the avant-garde Aquarius.
 Pisces: A delicate darling with a heart of pure gold - Pisces is nurturing, artistic, and incredibly empathetic. Like a mixed bag of your favourite sweets - they're everything that makes life beautiful. Their love is reminiscent of soft kisses, love letters, and stolen glances. A bouquet of flowers as romantic as their soul, give Pisces Something Nice to remember you with.