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April 01, 2021 5 min read

When words fail, there are always pretty flowers to show you care.

We get it, we’re all human and we’re bound to mess up sometimes! It could be a misunderstanding that led to an argument with things said in the heat of the moment that you don’t actually mean. Or you’ve been so wrapped up with work commitments that you didn’t realise you’ve come across like your taking your loved one for granted.

We could go on and on about more ways we could mess up, but what’s most important is that we own up to what went wrong and make things right again. Saying “sorry” or “I love you” shouldn’t have to be hard. But, if you’re struggling to find the words, here are several thoughtful ways you can say what you mean with flowers!

For Lovers
You guessed it! Question is, can you ever really go wrong with flower bouquets, and more specifically, red roses? ;) We think not too!

Roses are an incredibly popular choice for lovers and why wouldn’t it be? Lush red roses exclaim passion, desire, love, affections and warmth; all the things you want a loved one to be reminded of.

If roses aren’t your lover’s thing, try Lilies instead. They’re sultry and sensuous; we’re sure these will set you on your way to some make-up lovin’! Just be sure to throw in some good quality bonding time over dinner or make a romantic date night out of it, while you’re at it. Because, nothing say’s “I Love You” more than that.

For Lovers

Into My Arms

A bouquet of 7 red roses to represent your love for your loved one. One rose for each day in a week to prove to them that you love is everlasting.

Chocolate Joy

Spoil someone's day with a bouquet of chocolates! Not your typical flower bouquet but it will surely hit the spot for those with a sweet-tooth. Nothing can get any sweeter than this!

12 Red Roses Korean Style

This popular 12 red roses Korean style bouquet symbolizes your true love. It can be used to represent perfect beauty or to express your complete love and gratitude for your special someone!

Trinity Box - Scarlet Treasure

A treasure trove of timeless romance that portrays your passion with a little hint of magic. Presented elegantly in a box of fresh red roses and chocolates - this gift is perfect when it comes to expressing your love and devotion for the love of your life as red roses is well-known to be the symbol of love.

Lily Bouquet

A breath-taking Lily Bouquet, spiked with little champagne roses. This bouquet portrays your admiration and good intentions. Surprise your loved ones with an elegant gift to tell them how much they mean to you.

For The “It’s Complicated”
While cheerful yellow roses symbolizes devotion and friendship; if you’ve decided that you want the friendship to mean something more than just friends, get roses that are yellow with red tips as they mean “falling in love”. These are perfect for a new blooming love especially if it started out from being friends first. What a way to say sorry, and then some more, if you know what we mean. ;)
Play up the flirt with a little cheeky note, head out for a fun-filled date night to let them know how much you’ve been looking forward to spending time together and we’re sure the flowers aren’t the only thing they’ll be thinking about for days!
For Lovers

Sweet Desire

This fragrant flower bouquet is blooming with pink lilies, eustomas and alstromerias. They are commonly known to express your love and appreciation for your beloved friends. Send your best wishes with Sweet Desire and allow our fresh blooms to convey your heartfelt emotions.

Sweeter Blooms

Not the usual red roses and chocolate kind of gift but instead a bouquet of sweet pink roses and tasty Fererro Rocher chocolates! Love is not always bold, sometimes it is also soft and sweet.

Under The Mistletoe

No one should have a blue Christmas this holiday season! - Charm the heart of your special someone with a flower arrangement decked with the most dashing red roses, white ping pongs and pine cone ornaments; accompanied with eucalyptus baby blue, baby breath and yellow tea leaves. With such a beautiful flower gift, it will take anyone's breath away! Especially Under The Mistletoe.

For Friends 
Usually when friends fight, it’s because one was looking out for the other or was trying to keep the other grounded. They’re protective when they have to be and that’s when you know you have a total “ride or die” on your side.
Aside from yellow roses, vibrant Gerbera Daisies and Sunflowers make an excellent choice to cheer a friend up after an argument as they both mean happiness, adoration and loyalty; all the things that spells a great friendship! Add some more colours in there, a nice hearty meal and we’re sure you’ll get a huge smile, a twinkle in the eye and a warm hug back in respond. Yeah, we can’t remember what the fight was all about either! ;)


For Lovers

Gerbera Galore

A bright hand bouquet with a mixture of orange yellow and shocking pink gerberas. This bouquet will definitely put a smile of your beloved one as it symbolizes happiness. Send them this Gerbera Galore, any day no matter the occasion!

Bloomy Days

Just like the sun, the large sunflowers incorporated in this bouquet will brighten anyone's day instantly! The sunflower symbolizes the sun itself and it conveys your adoration's while bringing joy to your loved one.


Make someone smile the widest with this lovingly arranged boxed flowers that represent your love or friendship.

Sunset Roses

To remind you of the beautiful evening sky, this bouquet was beautiful arranged with a mixture of bright sunflowers and elegant red roses that are surrounded by caspia blues and eucalyptus parvifolias. The perfect bouquet to express your love and contentment.

Cheerleader You

A bright bouquet that gives you a warm feeling on the inside as it arranged with white ping pongs, green carnations, 2-tone yellow and orange carnation sprays, and yellow roses. - This bouquet will express your love and appreciation for simply any occasion that you may have in mind.


For Family
They will always be overprotective and a little too hard on us when it calls for it, but we know it comes from a place of love that knows no bounds. So, it is important to always hold space and reach back out to our family when arguments happen without allowing too much time to pass.
Try roses and lilies in the hues of Pink, White or Champagne as they give out a more mature charm which also spells warmth, love and sincerity. Add in some chocolates or a lovely fruit-basket for the taste buds, and we promise you, they’ll struggle to stay mad at you! Just be sure not to cross them again, will you?

For Lovers


For the woman that will always be your #1. Remind her of how extraordinary she is by surprising her with this lush mix of fragrant pink lilies and white roses that will express your undying love and admiration.

Medium Fruit Basket

Medium Size Fruit basket with assortment of fresh ingredients; apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, kiwis and dragon fruit.

Basket Of Joy

This lovely basket full vibrant Gerbreas is a master in delivering joy and happiness. Basket arrangements are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes and corporate occasions.

Champagne Roses

A glamorous arrangement of 12 champagne roses to remind your loved one that they well-loved by you. A little effort goes a long way!

There you have it!
Sometimes sincerely meaning what you say along with your actions could very well mean the whole world to the one you’ve unintentionally hurt. Arguments and unsavoury moments are bound to happen every now and then, but, it’s important to remember that time lost staying angry at a loved one is time you can never get back.

So, when words are failing you… grab a flower bouquet to save the day!