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January 03, 2016 1 min read

What does your favorite flower say about you?
Discover the meaning of your favorite

Tastes are different. Fortunately! But your preferences tell us a lot about you. For example, if you are an extrovert or rather a wallflower. What does your favorite flower say about you? We have found out for you!



If the queen of flowers is your favorite, the odds are good that you are a passionate person. You are romantic and appreciate the valuable time they spend with people who are close to you.


Red, white, pink, purple, orange. The Gerbera comes in incredibly many different varieties. Just like you, they symbolize happiness and a joyful character.


You place great emphasis on aesthetics. You find it important that everything looks very well maintained and elegant. Your environment can be happy to have you around them.


You enjoy life to the fullest. You love your home, but also find it great to travel and discover new places. Spring is really your season.


Beauty attracts you. On one hand, this applies to your living environment, but it is also important to you, how you present yourself. Honesty is one of the main characteristics that a person can have and has for this reason of great importance to you.