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March 15, 2016 3 min read

Do flowers make us happy?

A beautiful bouquet of flowers brings a smile to every face. We redefine the beautiful assortments of flowers delivered to your doorstep and reinforce the joy and happiness that flutters when that doorbell rings.


Are you sorry? Have you forgotten a birthday? Have you said the wrong thing to your girlfriend yet again? Are you in love? The feelings of flattery and happiness that spirals within us when we receive flowers are indescribable. When posed the question of whether flowers bring us happiness, the answer quite simply, and by popular vote, would be a ‘yes!’. But by the farthest stretch of our imagination would we consider that science has proven that the presentation of flowers possess the power to influence our moods? Arguably not. Today, we demonstrate and discuss the latest studies and explain how with the right assortment of flowers, you – in your home, at your workplace, or at your partner’s  doorstep, a better mood is one  flower delivery away.




How flowers work: Science educates us about the impact of flowers and Serotonin.

Residing in the tropics of Asia has its perks, with its luxurious skylines and fabulous warm weather. But that being said, grey skies and an atmosphere abundant with haze has a habit of creeping up on us and turning a smile upside down. ‘Is there a cure?’ one might inquire. The answer in its simplest form, would be a bright, boundless array of colours with its rush of a fresh and elegant floral fragrance. The mere sight of a beautiful bouquet of spring’s daffodils triggers the sweet release of Seratonin (Hormone for happiness) in our bodies. A better mood, a more increased sense of productivity - what more of a reason could you possibly need to fill your workplace or home with gorgeous flowers?


The Best Gift: This is how you generate Joy by giving flowers


A bouquet of flowers are arguably the most popular gifts one can receive. Funnily enough, this isn’t made up for our corporate benefit. A study at American Rutgers University carried out an experiment that was able to validate the claim that the giving of flowers by far leave a longer lasting impression of joy and happiness than any other gift one can receive. On average, the study demonstrated that the participants whom had received flowers as a gift perseveringly remained in good spirits days after the actual delivery. This was observed in both male and females which entirely redefine the dynamic of the gift in itself. To argue that flowers possess the ability to influence the human mood would be wholeheartedly correct. This study has moreover proven that anxiety levels in individuals decrease by the receiving of one bouquet of flowers and stages of depression are temporarily distracted by the influx of happiness.



Another study showed in a representative survey of more than 1,000 women that no gift makes a woman smile as fast as flowers. In the survey, 74 per cent, answered the joy is greatest when receiving a bouquetof cut flowers. In contrast, the results ​​for chocolates (34%) and alcoholic beverages such as that of champagne or wine (29%) were significantly lower. Flowers are and always will be the best gift for yourself and the people in your life.



For a better climate and a good mood: Here is why flowers belong in every office and apartment




As if a mood boost and a trigger release of serotonin isn’t enough, flowers remain to be a positive feature to any indoor household or workplace. Houseplants filter the air and rid your home of unwanted pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes may be filtered by plants from the air. Forget the RM20 that you’ve just spent on your scented air freshener at your nearest supermarket, there are several types of plants that nearly specialize in cleaning the air. These include that of Ivy, Leaf flag, green lilies and dragon trees. Likewise, chrysanthemums additionally have a positive effect on the air in your home.


Dating back to the 1980’s, an American study demonstrated that we are mediated by the sight of flowers in any shape or form. Under stress at work? A beautiful assortment of flowers in a beautiful vase will have a positive effect on your pulse and breathing alongside the relaxation of your muscles. Having a conventional grey-scaled workplacewould bring anybody’s spirits down – other studies prove that having colours within your radius significantly increases your concentration levels.


There are a never ending series of reasons as to why you should stock up on a colourful assortment of flowers and houseplants for yourself and loved ones - in your home, your workplaces, and the other areas in between.