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4 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

August 27, 2018 3 min read

You know the moment. The exact point in your life when the butterflies in your stomach refuse to go away, you start thinking of every possible excuse to see them, time seems to freeze in place when you’re together – basically every sappy metaphor that until now, only seemed to resonate in Hollywood chick flicks.

Can it be true? Have you really found that forever person? And even if you have –how in the world could you possibly tell? Granted every relationship is unique in its own beautiful, wild and inspiring roller coaster of a ride; here’s 4 clear cut ways to know if what you have is worth the journey: 


  •      Your love goes beyond romance – In fact, it presents itself through strong ties of friendship. Your life partner shouldn’t just be your devoted husband or wife, they should also in a way be your best friend. Many people tend to start a relationship on the foundations of infatuation, lust or initial passion –only to have it fizzle out in a couple of months because nothing solid was ever cemented between both parties. How should you tell the difference? For starters, you’ll most likely feel comfortable doing things you’d never even speak off with other people. Washing all your makeup off and prancing around in old t-shirts, singing at the top of your lungs with the windows down in your car, ugly crying in front of them when you’ve had a bad week –all things you thought you could only do with your BFF’s!


  •      Living in the moment becomes just as important as preparing for the future –It goes without saying that a happy couple is one that shares a mutual love for the same activities, lifestyles and interests; but your soulmate should also be one who shares similar prospects for the long run. The man or woman of your dreams wants nothing more than for time to stop still and cherish each second with you as you both grow, but he or she should also be intently aware of what you are growingtowards. This doesn’t have to mean that marriage is a necessary end goal if you both agree on it, but chances are you would’ve found your soulmate in the person that always sits you down and explains the ways they’d want to see you in their future; as well as executes it of course. No one likes empty talk!


  •      Your relationship becomes bigger than your ego –In an argument, it’s hard to keep track of all the hurtful words exchanged and nasty verbal bites when tempers flare up beyond control. However heated your arguments may be, you’ve definitely found a person worth keeping around if he or she has the tremendous ability to admit that they are wrong when needed to. Ego and pride both play a major role in the downfall of plenty of relationships –but your soulmate will be the one to put their own away if it means bridging the gap and fighting for your relationship.  


  •      The excitement never stops! –The one that will follow you to the ends of the Earth will also be the one intent on making the journey an unforgettably fun experience. Granted that every relationship would become somewhat of a routine after a couple of years, who’s to say that said routine cannot be spruced up every once in a while? Your relationship with a soulmate would be one that has never turned boring or repetitive since the both of you will be too focused on new ways to surprise each other –just so you can see the look on each other’s faces when it gets there. Naturally, romantic tokens such as flowers and chocolates are foolproof; so why not invest in one that’s simply extraordinary?


The Trinity collection from Flower Chimp, for example, comes ready with fresh roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates –all wrapped up in a gorgeous box of Black or Tiffany blue, the perfect gift to bring along if you’re really aiming for that ‘wow’ factor. Once the roses wilt and die, the box can also be used as a storage unit for makeup or jewelry! Just like the connection with you and your soulmate, the Tiffany serves as something eternal and beautiful, simply refusing to be forgotten.