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July 24, 2018 3 min read

We all have certain flowers that peak our fancy -but did you know that our fave blooms of all time can also say a lot about the type of friend we are? In regards to World Friendship Day, here’s a summary of the type of BFF you really are according to your favourite flower!


Carnations - The Selfless Friend

The carnations stand for love, pride and admiration. The best thing about you remains to be the fact that you will always be open without a doubt the most humble one in the group! You make sure that your friends have their feet on the ground and always are pushing them for activities to give back to charity and those that require volunteering. Even though you do have your moods, you always understand where other people are coming from and don’t participate in judging others! Carnation BFF’s are not only known for their selflessness, their listening skills are unparalleled -these type of friends are honestly the best to have around when getting over a bad breakup, losing a job or any dark day that just requires a shoulder to cry on.


Daisies - The Guardian Angel

The history of the daisy actually stems from the word “day’s eye”. It’s Greek origins describe the daisy with optimism, cheer and positivity. There’s simply no denying it, you’re the optimist in every situation. Trying your best to find the silver lining of the cloud, your friends know that they can count on you to always turn a depressing atmosphere into a one that is to be celebrated and taken in stride. Daisy friends are also the kind of people you’d want to surround yourself with, they’re simply positive and just know the right things to regardless of the situations. If you’re favourite flower is daisy, you’d also be known for your unwavering loyalty and ability to always stand up for your friends to those who have wronged them. Your fierce protective nature is undeniable, and you’re always the group’s sole protector.


Lilies - The Strong, Silent One

Generally speaking, lilacs symbolize the innocence of youth and the joy of what it’s like to be young and free. You’re the type of friend takes into account the small things, and appreciate the finer detail in the life you lead. You’ve automatically become the person that reminds your friends to stop and smell the roses and to not take everything in life so seriously! You’re all about taking a stroll down memory lane, always wanting to hit up arcades, bowling alleys and remaining a creature of habit. Although lilac people tend to be a little bit more quiet, your friends do appreciate a little more sensibility and calmness in the hustle and bustle of their lives.


Roses - The Love Guru

Timeless, classic and ultimately iconic. In a group, your friends will almost always think of you as the one to come to on all matters and troubles of the heart. Whether or not it’s romantic, troubles with family and friends -you often find yourself being the centre of all your friends emotional experiences and always urge them to find balance in their lives. Your friendship comes from a heart of gold and you’re almost always in tune with your sensitive and soft side!

Tulips - The Outgoing One

Like roses, tulips also have different symbols based on their colours. In a nutshell, tulips are made to resemble fame or harmony! If your friends were to use one word to describe you -it’d certainly be something along the lines of versatile. You’re adaptable to each situation and person, which makes you a natural social butterfly and mood brightener all around! Even with this, you’re always coordinated and proper; making sure that you’ve got time to entertain everyone in the room.

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