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August 18, 2021 4 min read

As excitement flows through the air, Malaysians are gearing up for another celebration that will blanket the nation. Fondly known as Merdeka, our National Day always brings memories of colourful parades and televised patriotic songs on repeat. Not to mention the over-the-top decorations of Jalur Gemilang on certain vehicles. The celebration has stayed the same every year, yet Malaysians never grew bored of it. In fact, we looked forward to it, for anything less than that would simply be unacceptable. 

Fast forward a few years and the same Merdeka celebration has transcended into the virtual realm in the form ofmega saleson nearly every online shopping site. Merdekapromotions will perhaps be one of the biggestMalaysia Sales in 2021, with Google searches for ‘Merdekapromotion’ beginning as early as the first week of August according to Google Malaysia. After all, happy occasions put everyone in a gifting mood, so why not score some awesomedealsandpromo codes while you are at it? 

If you’re planning to send any surprises soon, you’re in luck! Because we’ve got an amazingdeal on one of the most versatile gifts of all — flowers!

6 Merdeka bouquet promotions you should grab


  • Baby’s Breath

    Just like the pure white stripes of our nation’s pride Jalur Gemilang, this elegant-looking arrangement is a fine representation of the deep and pure love Malaysians have for their country. If you haveanniversary flowers lined up this Merdeka, this is perhaps a sophisticated choice that will leave your partner feeling loved and all sorts of wonderful!


  • Sierra

    The beauty of a country lies in its people and that couldn’t be more true for Malaysia. Our harmonic unity is often said to be the backbone of this country, making for a grand Merdeka celebration of people with diverse backgrounds. The same feeling is felt on this bouquet of many hues. With its array of harmonious, colourful stalks, this is a floral gift that is both beautiful and meaningful. 


  • Trinity Box - Burst of Sunshine

    Any Malaysian would know that yellow is the royal colour of our nation. Its presence brings feelings of elegance, class and premiership. Express the same feeling of regality towards a loved one with diamond-accentuated yellow roses that comes in a sleek casing of their own. This elegant selection comes with a side of sweet chocolates, making it the perfectbirthday flowers that will make just about anyone fall in love all over again.


  • The Petal Of Love

    The love that Malaysians have for their country is a magical thing that transcends through time, just like this preserved rose that will last for years. Have this delivered on Merdeka to remind a special someone of your undying adoration, because love shouldn’t be anything less. All we can say is this will be one very specialflower delivery for anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end!


  • Gerbera Galore

    Let the joyous hues of orange and pink remind you of the colourful National Day parade that will blanket every major city. The upbeat tone of this wonderful arrangement will put a smile on anyone’s face. So, have one delivered today while you score yourself an amazingdeal! It’s like magic just waiting to happen.


  • Purple Hues

    The majestic purple has always been associated with a feeling of grandness, making this beautiful bouquet a befitting selection for our Merdeka celebration. This floral gift will leave its receiver in awe of its beauty, ideal for the special moments where you want a certain someone to remember you. Scoring a deal on an item like this is a definite steal!

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    So, as Merdeka draws closer and the celebration starts to pick up, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the greatpromotions(especially the 6 Merdeka bouquets above!) that are about to hit the market. The more deals you get, the more there is to celebrate this coming National Day!