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August 30, 2021 4 min read

Just as soon as the 8.8 monthly sale ended, you can already hear (and see!) thepromotions starting for the next monthly sale. Yes, the9.9 sale is coming and with a little prep before the actual day, you’ll be able to reap big rewards and even bigger savings. Malaysia used to be known for its twice-yearlyMalaysia Mega Sale happening at the prime mega malls, but with these monthly onlinepromotions, it’s now even easier to snag a bargain. No matter if it’sfood promotions or gadgets, we’re sure you’d be able to find something you’ve been looking for on markdown during these monthly sales!

If you’re waiting for these onlinepromotions to buy a flower bouquet for an upcoming occasion, you’re in luck! We at Flower Chimp are always up into giving our customers more for their money, and we’re partaking in 9.9 to do just that! Below are some of our floral recommendations according to occasions if you’re in need of ideas on what to get for the upcoming9.9 sale. As the sale is only happening for one day, we think the list below will give you a headstart so that you’ll nail the best presents for your loved ones!

All you had to do is click on the link, key in our promo code and hit checkout on 9.9!

For birthdays, we recommend…

Gerbera Galore

There’s always a birthday to celebrate, and what better way to make it an even bigger occasion than a wonderful flower bouquet? This fail-proof gift option will have your recipient smiling all day, we’re sure! Our9.9 big sale is a great excuse to snag our wonderful Gerbera Galore bouquet, filled with joyful shades of yellow and pink blooms that will surely brighten the celebration. Plus point? You can add on a cake and a soft toy to make it an even more complete gift!

For anniversaries, we recommend…

Sweeter Blooms

Everybody loves chocolates, but we can tell you that it tastes even better when you receive it as a gift. And this is why we highly recommend gifting our Ferrero Rocher-laden flower bouquet during your anniversary celebration, because how else would you sweeten your marriage milestone? We’re sure your better half would agree with it. Grab this during the9.9 sale for the ultimate bargain and watch your partner smile from ear to ear. Trust us on this!

For ‘just because’ moments, we recommend…

At First Blush

Things are rough right now and it’s okay to treat yourself or someone else whom you think is struggling with the wonderful natural beauty that is flowers. “At First Blush” bouquet features soft pink roses, champagne eustomas and white ping pongs that might’ve reminded you of your first love, but we think it could be great as a present to yourself or your loved ones, too. Make full use of our 9.9promotion to deliver a pleasant flower surprise!

For “Oops, I’m sorry” moments, we recommend…


Made a mistake? Think you “Sorry” is not enough? Well, we have just the right flower bouquet for you! Deliver an apology that’s straight from the heart with this flower arrangement made of not one, not two, but 12 red roses! All flanked in a clear vase, this is the perfect gift to express genuine confession to amend whatever’s necessary for your relationship. We hope that it is all uphill from here onwards for you and your partner. All the best!

For celebrations of a newborn, we recommend...

Basket of Joy

A new family addition on the way? While it can be an incredibly happy occasion, it can also bring a whole lot of uncertainties and worries! Soothe all the new parents’ anxieties and welcome the new bundle of joy with this uplifting basket of blooms, aptly named “Basket of Joy”! In it, we have curated only the most cheerful flowers to match the feeling a new baby could bring: vibrant gerberas and charming roses to fill the air with only feel-good vibes. A newborn might be a huge chapter in one’s life, but hopefully, with these blooms, the new changes are easier to embrace! 

For graduations, we recommend…

Pink Delight

Ah...graduation. The life chapter before we step into the world of working adulthood. The graduation ceremony might be completely online now thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that won’t stop us from celebrating it! If you know someone who is graduating this year, why not send a “Pink Delight” bouquet to show them support? After all, they’ve managed to graduate with online learning, in the middle of a global pandemic. That alone is a huge feat, if you ask us! “Pink Delight” will surely remind them of sweet uni days, but also will propel them for even sweeter moments in their lives ahead!

There you have it! Six flower bouquets for six life occasions. We hope the list above is useful for you in planning what to get during the upcoming9.9 sale. But if it’s not, you can always browse our wonderful flower collection according to occasion and choose according to your preference! Our flowers are guaranteed to bring a smile to your recipients’ faces, so plan your order today and check it out during the9.9 sale for more bang for your buck!

If you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, you’d be thrilled to know that we offer same-day delivery if your order is made before 2.30PM. Our delivery area covers across Malaysia, so order your flowers without worries during the9.9 sale and we’ll make sure it’ll reach your loved ones’ doorstep according to the timeslot that you’ve chosen. All flower orders come together withfree shipping because everyone deserves a serving of happiness in their lives! Now, set your reminders for the9.9 big sale and grab all the savings you could get!