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January 15, 2021 4 min read

How is 2021 treating you so far? We hope it is all rainbows and glitters even if we are all staying safe indoors. 2021 has only just begun, do not let anything rain on your parade just yet despite the lockdown - there are just so many more wonderful things to look forward to this year and we hope that you anticipate it all with an open heart.

We know times are hard and we are all doing our best to keep each other safe and regardless of doing so much in contribution to help flatten the curve, we should also look onto the brighter side of things and be grateful for what we still have today; in such troubling times.

If it is one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that we should never take life for granted, so let us make every moment count. Reconnect with loved ones who you have lost touch with or friends you haven’t spoken to in years, let bygones be bygones with those you did not really have a good relationship with, and most importantly tell the ones you love how much you actually love them - let us not regret a single moment and do all we can when we can.

We must always remember that we are lucky to still have the people we love and we should show them how much we appreciate them for simply existing in our lives. It does not matter if we are all far apart from one another because with the power of technology nowadays, simply anything is possible - after all, we are always just one call away.

Here at Flower Chimp, we want to keep you connected with your beloved ones with the gift of beautiful flowers to represent your love; a sweet momento for your loved ones to always remember you by. Continue reading and find out the perfect gifts for 2021 that you can easily have delivered to your friends, family, or your one and only.




Hot Romance

A bouquet of red roses accompanied by white statice - wrapped to perfection and suitable for any occasion. Red roses simply symbolize your passion, true love, and desire while leaving the white statice to portray your utmost sincerity. This is the go-to gift that expresses your love and intentions without having to say a word.

Into My Arms

Celebrate any occasion with the most exquisite blooms! Our marvelous Into My Arms is brimming with sprays of red roses and carnations, decorated with parfivolias and tea leaves - this gorgeous arrangement is sure to brighten the day and bring out the brightest smile.

Pink Moment

Whether they are joyful or grieving, this bouquet is versatile when it comes to its meaning. Pink roses accompanied by yellow lilies often express your thankfulness or your sympathy for another. Perfect for all occasions due to its versatility.

Pink Delight

A sweet arrangement of Maria pink roses, pink lilies, pink snapdragons, and light pink gerberas. The perfect pink tone blooms to express your good intentions for your loved one - suitable for simply any occasions you may have in mind.

Trinity Box - Scarlet Treasure

A treasure trove of timeless romance that portrays your passion with a little hint of magic. Presented elegantly in a box of fresh red roses and chocolates - this gift is perfect when it comes to expressing your love and devotion for the love of your life as red roses are well-known to be the symbol of love.

Sweet Pea

As sweet as the bouquet looks, the message that comes with it is just as sweet! Show your loyalty and honesty with these beautiful white ping-pong flowers while allowing the eustomas to express joy and happiness for your loved one.

12 Red Roses Korean Style

This popular 12 red roses Korean-inspired bouquet symbolizes your true love. It can be used to represent perfect beauty or to express your complete love and gratitude for your special someone.

Purple Hues

Everything is better in purple! These purple blossom arrangements will remind your loved ones of your love and admiration while taking their breath away with a bouquet that resembles the purple hues in the sky as the sun sets for the day.


Red roses complemented by fine Baby Breaths (Gypsophila) make this bouquet an absolute stunner! Elegantly wrapped, this bouquet is perfect for romantic occasions, birthdays, or anniversaries as it represents your love and tenderness well. A bouquet that speaks for you!

Trinity Box - The Only One

Our Trinity Box - The Only One is one of the most exclusive flower gifts you could ever send to your loved one! A box filled with the prettiest 8 red roses and 1 white rose - decked with stunning gems on each bloom - this blooming gift also comes with 16 pieces of delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Pamper your sweetheart with the gift of beautiful blooms and remind them of your love for them and how no one else could ever take their place because they are The Only One for you.

With all these beautiful flowers and gifts, there is simply no reason to not let all your relationships blossom by sending the most exquisite flowers to your beloved ones. Flower Chimp aims to deliver happiness for you, one blossom at a time because expressing love should never be a burden and we are determined to make it easier and hassle-free for you while you stay home and stay safe.

If you do not already know, Flower Chimp offers free deliveries for all flowers and gift orders. If you are looking to deliver flowers on the same day, we also offer free same-day deliveries for all orders placed before 2pm. Stay safe flower family and we hope to hear from you soon!