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October 05, 2020 7 min read

1) Aries:It’s a powerful time period dear ram, with Mercury commencing on its final retrograde for this year - the emotions and lessons are brewing for everyone. As for your month - Mercury is here to teach you to be more discerning with where you put all your energy - whether that may be projects, social engagements, or personal relationships - if you’re watering a flower that doesn’t want to grow, maybe it’s time to find more receptive pastures. The moon begins the month in your sign - helping you be more vocal with your needs and even others’. Just be careful to calculate your moves during this period - ask yourself what truly deserves your time and energy. The perfect petals for Aries this month is our dazzling Notting Hill to boost their mood and add a sparkle of self care.

Themes: Self Expression & Self Care

2) Taurus:October 2020 is a time for you to feel free once again, dear Taurus - it’s all about bringing back that classic Taurean charm, creativity and charisma with your ruling planet, Venus, shedding a spotlight on you this month. The lock has finally broken, and its time for you to finally feel like yourself again after a long period of confusion and pain. Suddenly, your world seems to be flourishing again, the thorns have turned to flowers, and all your efforts over the past few months have resulted in beautiful blooms - far bigger than you could have ever imagined. The perfect petals for Taurus this month is our fun and fabulous Cheerleader You to cheer Taurus on to be their best selves.

Themes:Fulfilment & Freedom 

3) Gemini:The final retrograde of your ruling planet Mercury is upon us this season dear Gemini, and as it always is, it’s largest influence is about to be on you. The tides are high this October, and they’re urging you to go with the flow - despite how tempting it might be to not do so. There’s peace in letting go sometimes, and seeing where life takes you, remember, you can always try to fight the tide and kick around until you feel like you’re drowning, or you can be like the lotus - floating far above all the muck, and maintaining your tranquility. Rest assured, whether you do it the hard or the easy way, the end of the month will bring you to a standstill - with some much-needed calmness and clarity. The perfect petals for Gemini this month is our salubrious Unconditionally bouquet to add a spray of serenity to their surroundings, and make them feel like their most authentic selves - unconditionally. 

From Struggle to Serenity

4) Cancer:Have you lately been peeking out of your shell, dear crab? Things have been better than they seemed before, and yet your claws are ready to get snappy. Your intuition is always speaking to you, and this month it makes sure to be heard. You’re second-guessing everything around you - is everything really as rosy as it seems? Listen to yourself, Cancer - if something doesn’t feel right, it might be time to nip it at the bud. After all, there’s no point in trying to salvage wilting flowers! Instead, find pursuits, people, and activities that fit right with your heart, and soon enough, you’ll be living life in full bloom. The perfect petals for Cancer this month is our Jewels of Eden Bliss Box to remind them how the most beautiful jewels are made only under the toughest of circumstances. 

Theme:Resilience & Realizations

5) Leo:It’s a romantic time for you dear Leo; your money, love, and feelings are all in optimal flow this month. Ideas and opportunities are slowly, but surely making their way to you - but are you ready to let yourself flourish? As romantic as a time it is right now, be sure not to romanticize the past too much because you might just dwell in it too deep and forget how to bloom forward. Let your imagination and heart find its roots - but remember not to look back with rose colored glasses, or you might miss out on the field of flowers blooming right in front of you. The perfect petals for Leo this month is our Brooklyn bouquet, brimming with tulips and cheer to remind them that good things take time to flourish!

Theme:Past Lessons & Prosperity

6) Virgo:No one enjoys a good challenge like a Virgo, and this month brings you an entire playing field to practice your problem-solving skills. You’re being asked to let down the guard this month dear Virgo, push away your practicality and fight your battles with kindness instead. It might be difficult to navigate certain situations right now, but leading with compassion even within the most difficult times might just result in a much more favorable outcome for you. After all, flowers can’t bloom without warmth and sunshine - so remember to come in with care in your own life’s garden, and you’d be surprised how easily the weeds can wilt away. The perfect petals for Virgo this month is our Peachy Keen bouquet to fill their hearts with warmth and vibrancy. 

Theme:Warmth & Victory

7) Libra:Happy birthday dear Libra! You might be surprised at what a wonderful gift you have in store for your season - a golden ticket to your best self! You’re feeling as bright as a bloom and ready to charm your way through the festivities, and the world has been waiting to celebrate you. Let yourself flourish in this energy and focus on upgrading yourself even more! If you put in the hard work to reach for the sky and grow, the future is favorable and holds so many more invaluable treasures in store. The perfect petals for Libra this month is our Purple Glow Deluxe Trinity Box- as a token of celebration, royalty, and their best, most colorful selves! 

Theme:Self Improvement & Celebrations

8) Scorpio:Happy early birthday dear Scorpio! This coming solar return, it’s time to give yourself a much-needed gift. You’re not new to your own cycles of self-doubt and depreciation, but this month it might finally be time to break away and snip off your toxic inner thorns. You have all the tools you need to succeed - but are you using them the right way? Fix what’s broken, avoid tearing yourself down, and most importantly nourish yourself with everything that keeps you flourishing - and you’ll watch in awe as all your desires and hard work come into fruition in full bloom! The perfect petals for Scorpio this month is our The Only One Trinity Box to remind them how beautifully unique and wonderful they are, after all, there is only one wonderful them!

Theme:Self Love & Success

9) Sagittarius:You love nothing more than infinite adventures, dear Sagittarius, and slowing down isn’t really your thing. Well, get ready for a challenge this month because as much as you might want to be venturing out to fulfil your newest vision, every fibre of your being demands some tender loving care. Take your time to wind down, and stop and smell the roses this month - because once you’re fully charged up and back to your optimal fiery Saggi self, the adventures and money will finally be ready to roll in! The perfect petals for Sagittarius this month is our Princessrose bouquet, to show them how truly wonderful life can be when you take time to stop and smell the roses! 

Theme:Rest & Rejuvenation

10) Capricorn:The most hardworking and ambitious of the signs, you’re never one to slack off dear Capricorn, you have your ideal vision of the road ahead and do everything that you can to make it - no matter how troublesome the thorns that pave the way may be. This month is particularly tough in terms of your plans - have you taken a second to reassess how you’re watering your seeds and the perfect way to get them to bloom? Things are turbulent right now, but that gives you enough time to examine what needs to be changed. Once the storm passes, you’ll be readier than ever before to bring all your plans to fruition. For this month, just remember, no rain, no flowers. The perfect petals for Capricorn this month is our Amber Essence Bliss Box as a token of strength, warmth and light, through the cold rain. 

Theme:Strategizing through Storms

11) Aquarius:You’re known for your uniqueness and adventurous spirit, dear Aquarius, so this month’s storm should pass you like a breeze! With all this planetary movement in the skies, there’s new opportunities brewing for your sign. Will your bright and bold attitude be ready to face the unconventional or are your petals shying away from a little zest of danger? If you choose to embrace the unconventional this month - you’ll see exactly why fortune favours the brave. The perfect petals for Aquarius this month is our Sunset Rosesbouquet to remind them how beautiful it is to be bold, bright, and brave. 

Theme:Bright & Brave

12) Pisces:The moon has its luminous rays shining upon you this month dear Pisces, and it’s luring you back into reality. You’re a dreamy one and live in a world of wonderful visions and ideals - which works the best for you most of the time, but it might not be the best for this season. Are you focusing on the right things, or have you been floating through life for the past while? It’s time to take action, and swim right through - expand your world, your interests, and undertakings and you’ll see how much bloomier than your dreamworld real-life can be. The perfect petals for Pisces this month is our Frosted Frolic Bliss Box as a constant reminder that they have the powers to turn their pastel dreams into a gorgeous reality. 

Theme: Desire & Dreams