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January 15, 2022 1 min read

Sending Flowers this Valentine’s!

February 14th has been a significant date is recognized all over the world as the celebration of love. This date being known as Valentine’s day also called Saint Valentine’s Day honoring one or more of the early saints named Valentinus. The day become a date on which people from around the world show appreciation to our other half through gift’s and of course Flowers!

Flowers are great for any occasion, but even more so on Valentine’s day, the day that we show our love and gratitude to our loved one’s whether it’s that crush you’ve always had, your loyal caring partner, or even your own Mother!

There is no reason for you to not make that person’s day this Valentine’s by presenting them with flowers.


We at Flower Chimp recognize the importance and significance of Valentine’s Day, and have carefully and methodically come up with a wide range of valentine's flowers that suit Valentine’s Day perfectly! Our selection will certainly bring a smile upon the lucky person that receives any of our Valentine’s Day collection flowers!


We here at Flower Chimp, ensure that we only provide the freshest flowers of the highest quality sourced from all over the world.

Leave it to us here at Flower Chimp to send the flowers you have selected for your loved one to be sent straight to their door step! Just select from a wide range of flowers we have on offer and we will do the rest!