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December 06, 2020 2 min read

Do you ever struggle picking the right flower gift for your friends, family, or perhaps a special someone? Well, look no further! This week, we are here to enlighten you with finding the ideal gift for all of your occasions.

When it comes to picking the right flower bouquet or arrangement, there many different factors that we would need to consider. For example, the occasion itself, the one and only lucky recipient, their personal taste, and so forth. Here at Flower Chimp, we offer flower gifts that ideal for all of life’s occasions, regardless of the course of action! - Here are our top flower picks for you this month!

Purple Hues

Everything is better in purple! Our Purple Hues flower arrangements will remind your loved ones of your true love and admiration while taking their breath away with a bouquet that resembles the purple hues in the sky as the sun sets for the day. With a bouquet bringing with purple roses, white eustomas, and white ping pongs, this wonderful bouquet is perfect for any occasion that may come your way and will surely bring out the most joyous smile at the end of the day.

Hot Romance

A bouquet of red roses accompanied by white statices, despite the name our Hot Romance flower bouquet is simply wrapped to perfection and suitable for any occasion!  Red roses often symbolize your true love, and gratitude while leaving the white statices to portray your utmost sincerity. This is the go-to gift that expresses your love and intentions without having to say a word. With that said, Hot Romance will always be the best choice without having to go off budget!

Sweet Pea

As sweet as our Sweet Pea bouquet looks, the message that comes with it is just as sweet! - Express your heartfelt emotions with a bouquet brimming with white ping-pongs while allowing the pink eustomas to convey your joy and happiness for your loved one. Suitable for all occasions, Sweet Pea will definitely make all your special occasions the sweetest there is!

Always Right

Everyone deserves to feel special every once in awhile, they deserve to be reminded that they are appreciated and are well loved by those around them - Our Always Right bouquet is decked with prettiest purple peacocks and roses, white ping-pongs and accompanied by purple carnations. Suitable for anyone who needs little mood booster!


Pink Moment

Whether they are joyful or grieving, our Pink Moment bouquet is versatile when it comes to its meaning. Bashful pink roses accompanied by yellow lilies often expresses your thankfulness or your sympathy for another. Perfect for all occasions due to it's versatility, it is definitely a go-to bouquet if you want to play it safe.

Keep in touch with your dear beloveds by sending them a sweet surprise! Flower Chimp offers free delivery for every order placed and same-day delivery for all orders placed before 2pm! With that said, have a gift of beautiful blooms send your way today!